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Procrastination Man

The superhero who's never there in the nick of time
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"What's that? The city needs saving from a gang of rampaging robotic dinosaurs? I'll be there just as soon as I've seen if there are any new annotations at Halfbakery! Oh and then there's that program I wanted to watch on TV... And then I was planning on sitting and staring into space for a while... Can we make it next week sometime?"

The guy has no real super-powers other than the ability to convince himself (and maybe even his boss) that he is working, no really, or at least he will be, just as soon as he gets this out of the way...

CoolerKing, May 23 2001


       You should visit Cornwall (the bottom left bit of UK). They have an expression there; 'dreckly', as in 'I'll do that dreckly' (corruption of 'directly', obviously). It's a bit like manana, but without the sense of extreme urgency.
angel, May 23 2001

       "...and Postponement Boy!!"
hippo, May 23 2001

       sorry, i've been meaning to register at the superhero and supervillain name registration office, but something always seems to come up...oh well, maybe tomorrow...
mihali, May 23 2001

       With his super powers of benign neglect and providential hindrance, Procrastination Man wisely commandeered the power of a gang of rampaging robot dinosaurs to provide the city with space for a brand new park. Seemingly without even lifting a finger, he simultaneously decimated the city's homeless problem and provided an inheritance windfall for hundreds of survivors. How did we ever get by without him?
beauxeault, May 23 2001

       I was going to croissant this, but isn't every man "Procrastination Man?" Sorry.
zaphod12, Nov 30 2001

       Usually, zaphod, except in one case when they are often too early.
bristolz, Nov 30 2001

       Hah! Forgot about that cream . . .
bristolz, Nov 30 2001

       Hey, didn't I delete this? Oh, obviously not then. Let me know if you want it gone, I thought it was a fairly dead idea from the start to be honest.
CoolerKing, Nov 30 2001

       <gasp!> How did you know of my secret identity?
NeverDie, Dec 16 2001

       Never, are you also Neanderthal Man?
po, Dec 16 2001

notripe, Dec 16 2001

       Baked. Ditto to zaphod. You're lookin' at the living incarnation right here.   


       (btw, I meant to annotate this last November)
net_addict, Feb 18 2002

       Placeholder (I'll elaborate later, when I get down to it, sometime next year - or the next.)
neelandan, Dec 16 2003


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