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Office Man

Super Hero By Day, Office Clerk In Times Of Need
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Imagine the situation, its been a bad day, you need to bind 300 copies of this years 50 page cashflow suppliments. Enter Office Man, uses his super burning eyes that punch holes through paper, he binds at the speed of a photocopier, proof reads faster than a spell checker, has his desk strong enough to lift that really heavy binder that you dropped in the corner, he is OFFICE MAN, coming to a cinema near you!

[Office Manó pour espagne][No, i don't know spanish]

[ sctld ], Oct 15 2000


       Maybe he could work at the SHSVNRO (is that it? I can't remember)
Detly, Dec 22 2000

       Office Man? Just sounds like an over-enthusiastic temp to me
CoolerKing, May 24 2001


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