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The Reporter

He'll find you out
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Many superheroes act in a law enforcement capacity - hunting down, confronting, and apprehending criminals. Not The Reporter, who uses his enhanced senses, a prodigious memory, and a ninja-like ability to avoid detection to get the goods on corrupt politicians and unscrupulous businessmen. He is a polyglot, a master of disguise, and an expert in human psychology, who can infiltrate any organization. When he finally issues his report on his blog, the evildoer is done for.
smendler, Feb 26 2013

Dark Angel http://www.imdb.com...t0204993/?ref_=sr_1
Genetic 'Engineering' rather than super-powers but essentially the same plot. [DrBob, Feb 26 2013]


       It goes without saying, of course, that this is inspired by Clark Kent and Peter Parker.
smendler, Feb 26 2013

       Dark Angel.
DrBob, Feb 26 2013

       What DrBob said..., plus obligatory "Droool, [early 2000's Sci-Fi]"
zen_tom, Feb 26 2013


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