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Product spam

Late night products you only wish you had
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I can't offer any good explainations for this one - it sprang almost fully halfbaked to me in the form of a dream...

Y'know how spammers have taken to convoluted misspellings to get their #@^$(*! emails to your inbox, so that incredible (in the truest sense) information about "V14grah" and "fr33 p40dukts" gets past your spam filter?

(I suppose we should be grateful, but:) Why have not late night marketeers taken to the same tactics, plying us with "All 4 Brahmms Symphonys" or "genuine Staneless knives" - 4 easy payments of, etc, etc.

You would receive your "Brahmms Symphonys", written by a guy "Joe Bramms", but not quite so expertly, 4 minutes in length, played by the local middle school orchestra, and recorded with all the fidelity of a cheap digital answering machine!

The "Staneless" would sure enough be without "stane," whatever that is.

Sorry. Maybe the only hope is that if it shows up in the 'bakery first, it will avoid being translated into reality.

Disclaimer: I haven't watched late night TV for 20 years or so, so haven't any idea what's on.

csea, May 09 2005




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