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Use gamers' passion against them.
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It's growing apparent that the experience at the duller end of the Sim-games market is slowly converging with that of a tedious real-life job. This holds obvious potential for the advancement of Evil in the world.

There will be a game called SimWebMaster, in which players must manage a web server and deal with all the usual problems which plague webmasters and webmistresses. It will be a real-time multi-player simulation, as is increasingly the trend with games. The game server will select the better and more obsessive players and hook them up to servers at client companies which are seeking free labour -- the game will wrap a set of administrative tools for a real server somewhere and award players points based on performance.

Later (I prophesy) SimBurgerFlipper will arrive, and it shall be a virtual reality booth in which the player, wearing a candy-striped 'VR suit' and a pointed, paper 'VR helmet', will take 'simulated' fast-food drive-through orders and fill them as speedily as possible, anxiously eyeing both their point totals and their supply of condiments. Talented players will receive free sessions and upgrades to add-on packages like 'SimTacoStandCashier' and 'SimTextileWorker'.

Monkfish, Nov 18 2000

Inspiration. http://www.halfbake...ernet#974575324-3-1
[Monkfish, Nov 18 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Inspiration. http://www.halfbake....html#974575324-3-1
[Monkfish, Oct 21 2004]


       In addition to my vote for this idea, I would like to cast a second vote in favor of more uses of the phrase "This holds obvious potential for the advancement of Evil in the world."
Uncle Nutsy, Nov 18 2000

       I don't want to give away any plot points, but there's a certain popular science fiction novel in which a version of this idea plays a significant part.   

       So vague as to be useless, I remain
dr love, Nov 20 2000

       Oh no! I somehow failed to find this idea, and ended up posting a completely identical idea. Sigh... (I've deleted mine.)   

       I blame you for putting this under "business: scam", rather than any of the game categories I searched.
egnor, Dec 30 2000


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