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Productive Alarm Clock

At least you'll do something useful.
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As alarm clock snooze functions become more wierd and obscure (see the rest of this category for examples) it seems there is no end to the Halfbaker's ability to solve complex puzzles whilst 3/4 asleep.

Thus I have come up with the Productive Alarm Clock. To activate the snooze function, the recently awoken user must complete a productive task. This task can be routine, so that the person need not open their eyes, and can be typed or dictated (sleepy-voice recognition included). Once the person has, for example, dictated the first paragraph of their sales report, or perhaps come up with a way to cure AIDS, they can enjoy 5-37.62 minutes more calm and undisturbed sleep.

dbmag9, Jul 09 2006


       You've wasted seconds of your life writing this and me reading it.
thepowerofone, Jul 09 2006

       what the above said.   

       //a way to cure AIDS// fish for flippancy
po, Jul 09 2006

       what the power of po said.[-]
xandram, Jul 09 2006


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