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Shoot-Off Clock

Daily home defense drill + punctuality aide = fun for folks like me!
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An alarm clock mounted a large BB gel-trap target with a pressure- sensor snooze. Dangles on a retractable cord from a tiny AI device on a track on the cieling. The AI controls the cord length and postion on the track. Mount it on the far wall from your bed. Keep a BB pistol (use low-density plastic BBs if you're worried about damage), or carbine if you prefer, by the bedside. Each morning when the alarm goes off, the clock is in a different position on the wall than last you saw it.

The only way to snooze it is to shoot it. You can select the level of difficulty, which determines the proximity, in inches (take that, ya metric mongers!*) to Bullseye required to shut it off.

21 Quest, Nov 21 2009

Gun-operated alarm clock http://makezine.com/08/alarmgun/
not the same thing, but similar [DrWorm, Nov 22 2009]


       Will these be in the shops for Xmas ? [+]
8th of 7, Nov 22 2009

       And after you hit the snooze target several times (indicating no apparent intention to get up), the clock starts to shoot back.
swimswim, Nov 22 2009

       //The AI controls the cord length and postion on the track//
sp. "postillion"
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Nov 22 2009

       Yes. Armed, annoyed and half awake. I know I'm always at my best [-]
BunsenHoneydew, Nov 22 2009

       Good idea, but Baked in concept. I saw instructions on how to build a "gun-operated alarm clock" in MAKE magazine a few months ago (link).
DrWorm, Nov 22 2009

       Rather than put a track on the ceiling, it would be much simpler to have it hang from two or three strings.

       Each string would be anchored to a different corner of the ceiling, and each could be independently reeled in or let out.

       That would give the clock either two or three degrees of mechanical freedom, and the ability to be almost anywhere in the room.
goldbb, Nov 22 2009

       Not quite the same thing. The linked product doesn't move, for one thing. A moving target provides a much more realistic defense drill, and lasers mean giving up the fun of reloading.
21 Quest, Nov 22 2009


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