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Professor in a Box

e.g, the field of social anthropology taught by the best-rated professor in a subject.
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Professor-in-a-box is a structured education in a particular subject. Philology, for instance, psychology, Quantum physics. The course will be taught by the best teachers of a particular subject that the collective "we" knows.

This will be a no-nonsense course, aimed at adult learners, but suitable for any literate student, formal or informal. The target is auto-didacts, older professionals who want to use their retirements to learn other subjects, or even students whose teachers do not "reach" them.

Basically it is an entire University course in subject "x". It is presented in language and in diagrams.

It is not bowdlerized information; it is not written down to reach its target by telling lies or stretching faith. It is a genuine full course, covering Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate.

It can be sold in three Volumes. Other than the fees paid to the lector, this is a very low-cost project, at this stage, as it is esentially no more than a deeply linked piece of hypertext.

JohnB, Dec 23 2004

The Open University http://www.open.ac.uk/
[calum, Dec 23 2004]

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       [JohnB], could you please clarify for me the difference between this and commonly available college courses? It seems like you're saying, through this idea, that you feel that most college courses are too dry and poorly planned. Is that the essence of the idea? [=]
contracts, Dec 23 2004

       It might be more useful to have the government pay the professor to sit in the box and answer the questions of the less informed...   

       Who needs university education if you can get the answers from the professor in the box?   

       Why is this in an art category... Is a professor in a box art?   

       Perhaps we should modernise this a bit and have a robot in a box?
madness, Dec 23 2004

       Much much more than a university, this enables stigmergic learning.People who are not in university (any more) and need not return, can further their knowledge and wisdom. It's more about learning pathways.   

       And that's currently an art, not scientific method.
JohnB, Jan 05 2005


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