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Programmable Rockers

Rocking chair with variable shaped rockers
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I'm not sure what the easiest way to do this would be -- maybe have the rockers be made from metal that is bendable but retains its shapr, and then have multiple variable fulcrums (fulcra?) behind it bending it so that it is either more rounded in the middle and flatter towards the ends or the other way around, or a more complex combination of those, or variable in real time automatically (to keep the chair rocking for a simple example). Another example would be to make each of the variations just beyond the steep-enough-to interrupt-the-rock-point for a massage-rock effect --- brupupupupup. This maybe could have a Segway gyroscope in it.

Of course if this got really good it would move you around the floor with either inch-worm-like or skate-boarding-click-clack/ski- slalom-like motions.

JesusHChrist, Oct 31 2012

Programmable rocker http://www.google.c...9,i:77&tx=48&ty=111
[normzone, Oct 31 2012]


       This would be a wonderful museum exhibit. One would need all the different rockers to be durable and usable. One could invite multiple artists to contribute their take on the rocking chair.
bungston, Oct 31 2012

       // metal that is bendable but retains its shapr //   

       A couple of leaves from a light-duty trailer spring are exactly what you're after.
Alterother, Oct 31 2012

       A pair of trained snakes?
spidermother, Oct 31 2012

       You might be able to do this with adjustable counterweights, rather than changing the actual curvature of the rocker.
ShawnBob, Oct 31 2012


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