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Recessible seating

Get the chairs out of the way
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Often at the end of a church service, as the congregation files out of their seats, people will want to hang out and talk with friends. Sometimes they do this at the end of a row of seating, which makes everyone in the row either have to interrupt, push their way past, or wait until they are done. To alleviate this problem, at the end of the service all of the seats could be lowered into holes in the floor which would then be covered by a panel that would mechanically and automatically slide in place over the hole. Then folks could mill about in any direction unhampered.

This could also be used in movie theatres, though socializing isn't usually as widespread there.

PotatoStew, Sep 07 2001


       This is a nice idea! Good for stadiums, too. You could have a panel of flooring on the back of the seat and after the patrons stand up (or before! why not!) a latch at the front of the seat opens and the seat pivots on a mighty hinge until it's hidden and its erstwhile back is flush with the floor.
Dog Ed, Sep 07 2001

       you could try coming to my church. it's standing room only, no pews, with women on the left and men on the right. old-school greek orthodox, gotta love 'em :o)
mihali, Sep 07 2001

       Two words: Public Transportation.   

       Hey PeterSealy, there's your idea! Folding chairs that fall flat and true unto a sure and tripless flooring plank.
reensure, Sep 08 2001

       Dog Ed: Good idea about the flooring on the back of the seat. that would cut down on the number of parts necessary and greatly simplify the whole sysyem.   

       RonHamel: Yes, there would probably need to be some way to alert people so they get off the chair. Or maybe there's a pressure sensor, and the chair automatically collapses when the sitter stands up, but not before then.
PotatoStew, Sep 08 2001

       Good idea but I can't see it happening in the short term. The minute somebody gets caught in the retracting chair mechanism they will charge the altar flanked by lawyers demanding damages.
sdm, Sep 08 2001


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