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Pedal around the bar
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A bar stool that enables you to pedal around the bar without fear of losing your seat.

Two pedals attached at the bottom of the bar stool which when rotated with your feet drives a small chain, in turn will set the the four little wheels into motion which are attached to the each of the four bar stool legs...steering,nah you're in a bar.

skinflaps, May 05 2003

(?) why pedal around? http://www.geocitie.../5565/barstool.html
VAROOOM! BABY! [ato_de, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(?) click on "electric barstool racer" http://www.geocities.com/hempev/
Plans on building your own (with steering) [cowtown, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Alcoholic beverages, darts, and now ... vehicles! But I would argue in favor of cheap remote control car style steering. Pedal forward to proceed on course, pedal backward to turn to desired heading.
Don Quixote, May 05 2003


       My son just said u could use one of those stools that also has a little back and sides and steer with the arm rest.   

       of course it would lead to jousting, polo and rugby matches all on stools. It could get messy. The more classy establishments will have small electric motors on board their stools.   

       (let ub do the obligatory stools pun??)
peter2, May 05 2003

       can you lot pedal a little quieter? I have such a hangover.
po, May 05 2003

       Absolutely silly, and very cute. It's like unicycle for the lazy. +
k_sra, May 05 2003

       Nice link, ato_de
thumbwax, May 05 2003

       I'd prefer adult versions of baby walkers. Complete with drink holders and wireless internet connections.
waugsqueke, May 05 2003

       oh brilliant, waugs. I love that.
po, May 05 2003

       I see the bar-stool racing frenzy taking over at bowling alleys everywhere.
RayfordSteele, May 05 2003

       Just have all the bar stools on conveyor belt that makes its way along the bar, into the bathroom, and then back to the end of the bar, ad infinitum.
Cedar Park, May 06 2003

       you don't buy beer, you rent it.
po, May 06 2003

       The good thing about a unicycle is, who's gonna steal it?   

       And could I have some grease over here, bartender? My stool is squeaking. (Just...never mind, peter2).
Eugene, May 07 2003

       //you don't buy beer, you rent it. - po//
//I've long suspected it was recycled. - UnaBubba//
's why I drink dark brews. You see, it *sip* Oh My Gawd!
thumbwax, May 07 2003

       You can have races at various stages of intoxication.
oatcake, May 07 2003

       I hate to be the lone disenter on this one but, for the love of cr*p, this sounds like an absolute liability nightmare. This is like a Segway marketing plan (cite: UnaBubba)drawn from the addled mind of a meth addict (not to impugn your creativity, sense of mirth, or general good character, skinflaps). waugsqueke seems to be a little closer to the mark. someway to inhibit wanton acts of battery and unspecified maimings.
pablopk, May 07 2003

       How about a stack of liability waivers at each seat? Sign it before you drink!
cowtown, May 08 2003

       "If you can lie on the floor without hanging on, you're not drunk." (Dean Martin) What's the problem?
Ander, May 08 2003

       You can now be your own server.
whatrock, May 30 2019

       Why was this idea not brought to my attention sooner?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 30 2019

       The staff had a running bet on when you'd figure it out.   


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