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Hidden cinematics
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In my room, I have the kind of lights which are the set of four tubular shaped mounts which you can aim in any direction. I propose that these could be increased in size, and in one or more mounting, the light could in fact be a film projector, which when not playing a film just projects light. The lights can all be aimed in appropriate ways to light the room well, except for the projector light which would be aimed at the wall. Then, when you put a DVD in your DVD player and turn it on, the projector light starts showing the film, and the other lights turn off.
quaero curvus, Aug 13 2005

Mitsubishi LED Projector http://www.mitsubis...com/proj_pocket.asp
For [FF] [Worldgineer, Sep 14 2005]

The Light Part Of The First Picture http://images.googl...images?q=lamp&hl=en
I couldn't link the picture itself as it seems to no longer exist. [hidden truths, Oct 07 2005]


       Well, if no-one else is coming here, I'll just annotate it myself, I'm that sad. I think this idea is good. Croissant me up, reeeeal nice.
quaero curvus, Sep 14 2005

       This one should. Earlier this year Mitsubishi introduced a small, battery powered, LED light source projector for about $600 or so. This projector fits in the palm of a hand but will throw a decent sized screen at short throw.   

       Why is this significant? Well it means that LED/DLP projection "capsules" are soon likely to be small enough that a projection system could be housed in an otherwise typical looking track lighting fixture and act as either a lighting instrument or as a projection system.   

       Imagine sending a simple trapezoidal-shaped white video signal to perfectly frame a painting from a light on the ceiling or painting ambient scenes on a wall.
bristolz, Sep 14 2005

       It's usually considered bad form to annotate your idea for no reason other than to get it back to the top of the recent list . Even so, I would have thought that less than a day a bit early to give up hope of annotations. This is a good idea though so I personally, think it quite justified.
hidden truths, Sep 17 2005

       I had to think about that for a minute [hidden] but I don't think you looked at the date - same number, different month.
fridge duck, Sep 17 2005

       Fair point, I wasn't expecting the time difference to be so sharp and didn't pay much attention to the moneth, only the number.
hidden truths, Sep 17 2005

       [quaero curvus] maybe the trouble is that it's hard to understand what you mean .... For example what is "set of four tubular shaped mounts which you can aim in any direction" ... a picture could help.
ixnaum, Sep 18 2005

       I would look for a link for something that looked like it, but I have only just got the internet set up in my new Uni accommodation, so I'm fairly busy catching up on stuff
quaero curvus, Oct 06 2005

       OK this is my interpretation and it is slightly obscure but I see it somwehat like the top half of the first link on the Google page I've linked. Only in a set of four and with you being able to set the angle and direction. Of course I've actually seen the lights that you speak of [q c] so this is less me guessing and more me trying to find a half decent picture.
hidden truths, Oct 07 2005


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