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Rainforest Castle

A beautiful Green Castle in the middle of a Rainforest
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This does not advocate harming the rainforest in any manner, so hold onto your knickers, before you get them in a knot.

I would love to live in a castle located in a rainforest that would look like the great European castles that exist already, all around the world.

It would be huge, really huge, with all the bells and whistles that a castle comes with. But made out of Euterpe precatoria, Ceiba pentandra, Cecropia engleriana, Socratea xorrhiza and Cocos nicifera, trees.

Imagine, Lying in bed, looking out your window while monkeys swing by, and colorful parrots wake you with their morning song.

Ahhh... just another day in the jungle.

blissmiss, Oct 22 2018

Here ya go. https://www.belmond...otel-das-cataratas/
Not a castle but still... [doctorremulac3, Oct 23 2018]

absorbtion https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/absorbtion
Defined as "misspelling of absorption" [notexactly, Nov 08 2018]


       view from my window, bliss
po, Oct 22 2018

       // colorful parrots wake you with their morning song //   

       Parrots don't sing; they squauk, in a raucous, unpleasant and dissonant way. Being woken by parrots is about as pleasant as being woken by a ship's tannoy announcement of "COLLISION STATIONS, THIS IS NOT A DRILL".
8th of 7, Oct 22 2018

       Talented songbirdish parrots, 8th of nothing. You didn't address the monkeys swinging by, 8th. Wouldn't that be cool? A simple yes would suffice.   

       Thank you, Ian. A girl shouldn't get yelled at about her parrots on her birthday. You are a gentlemen. And psychic at that.
blissmiss, Oct 23 2018

       Posted a place you could aspire to go to.   

       It's about 2,000 real a night, which I think is like 500 euros or dollars.   

       In the past, I've promised myself I'm going to go to some location and immediately started enjoying the adventure. It's not going to be tomorrow or next month, and will take work and planning, but then the effort you put into making it happen is like foreplay. You also get the immediate rush of saying "Fuck it, I'm going here!"   

       Doesn't work if you break your promises to yourself though. You have to establish credibility.   

       I'd look into the humidity first though. Florida looks great in pictures but it's a hellish swamp.
doctorremulac3, Oct 23 2018

       [doctorremulac3], I didn't make myself clear. I want the castle to be built from rainforest trees, and vines, and stuff. But thank you for the link. I'll stay there while my castle is being built.
blissmiss, Oct 23 2018

       No, I got it.   

       Happy birthday by the way.
doctorremulac3, Oct 23 2018

       So... you want this castle to be built from "live" trees? Not mortared together tree-rounds to look like stone right?   

       I'm going to assume from what I know of you that live trees would be the case.   

       <rubs hands together>   

       When do we start?   

       Check out Arborsmith and if that tickles your fancy then you should look up the living bridges in... um... Peru, or the Amazon or something, I can't remember where they are but "living bridges" should do the trick.   

       Happy birthday.   

       Belated birthday. My heart agrees with you. It is good to get the feeling of participation in life as a whole.   

       Most materials that surround us are dead. Not counting live 1s and 0s . There must be an inverse t formula for this decline.   

       Thinking about future a molecular, bacterial engineering, a slightly different green live environment might become important where ever humanity is in the universe.
wjt, Oct 25 2018

       //the great European castles that exist already, all around the world// - do "great European castles" really exist "all around the world"?
hippo, Oct 25 2018

       No; by definition, they only exist in Europe.   

       To be a "great" castle, the structure must be (a) physically large, and (b) be unambiguously associated with a significant historical event and/or person*.   

       Since Europe by any measure covers only a small portion of your planet's surface, much less than one quadrant, it is not "all around". In fact, no landmass can claim to be "all around" as they all extend over considerably less than 50% of the planetary circumference.   

       We are disappointed that you need this explained to you, although it is understandable since given the notoriously sadistic and repellant behavior of geography teachers any absorption of useful information during their torture sessions is unlikely in the extreme.   

       *The "person" may be (semi-)mythical without unduly detracting from the appellation of "great", as with the association of Tintagel with King Arthur.
8th of 7, Oct 25 2018

       (sp. "absorbtion" - a very common error)
hippo, Oct 25 2018

       Both "absorbtion" and "absorption" are correct in their specific contexts, although in this case "absorption" is the appropriate form, subject to the unfortunate interference of inline spell checkers.   

       Sp. fixed.
8th of 7, Oct 25 2018

       Happy birthday!   

       I think I have seen treehouses for rent, but you mean something much more beautiful.
beanangel, Oct 25 2018

       Thanks for the B-day wishes. I think what I should have said is "Styled after the great castles of Europe". My brother is going to Prague next week. Now there are some castles there I think, I've admired before.   

       And yes, nothing but living trees, with real vines for the monkeys to swing on. If Tarzan swung by and landed splat on the floor in my boudoir, so be it. That'd be okay too.
blissmiss, Oct 26 2018

       You should go to former East Germany - for some reason, there's a castle about every mile, and all of them are beautiful and set on top of densely-forested hills.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 26 2018

       //If Tarzan swung by and landed splat on the floor in my boudoir, so be it. That'd be okay too.//   

       Are you sure "splat" is the word you were looking for?
doctorremulac3, Oct 26 2018

       No. It was late, I was tired. Words were not coming easy. I strained my brain, searched my heart, looked in my thesaurus and my soul, asked my neighbors, checked in my dog's mouth, but alas, no words came. So then I threw caution to the wind, and spewed out splat, as the last resort.
blissmiss, Oct 27 2018


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