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Prosthetic Limb Periscope

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Losing a limb for whatever reason can be a real downer. But this addition to your plastic arm/leg etc makes amputation fun.

Your new prosthetic arm should be raised into the vertical position. In the shoulder area, open a small viewing flap and peer into the arm. A telescopic lens in the hand area will give you vision from the elevated height of the outstretched arm, and you may then peer over fences, public toilet stalls or watch bands play in crowded clubs.

Conversely, another viewing flap can be opened at your hip on either of your new legs. A toe lens will help you find lost pins, potato chips, coins etc and look up women's skirts.

benfrost, Jun 22 2005


       Being sensitive to other baker's, I hope that you ask Dave what he thinks. He would be the expert, and the most likely to be offended by what you write.   

       Though I assume he doesn't have a vagina...
blissmiss, Jun 22 2005

       No, I know Dave has no prosthetic vagina.
blissmiss, Jun 22 2005

       Now there's a phrase I never expected to read - making amputation fun.
DrCurry, Jun 22 2005

       I only know him from his writings here so I can't confidently speak for him, but I don't think that an amputee who uses the pseudonym "oneoffdave" would be mortally offended by this.
half, Jun 22 2005

       I agree, half. He does have an excellent sense of humor. That is why I think his input would be very valuable. (Haven't seen him in a spell, anyone else?)
blissmiss, Jun 22 2005

       Without pictures, sound, smell, taste, touch, but simply with plain text, benfrost has the magical ability to tickle and offend. Let's not encourage him to hold back, now, eh!
sophocles, Jun 23 2005

       Consider if you will, you had a child - for example, whose limb had been lost in some unfortunate manner. The thought of strapping on some cold lifeless device every morning would be somewhat daunting at first. If there were some added incentive, like a periscope, there would be more incentive to take to and use it - even show it off to their friends, such that it wasn't that they had lost an arm or leg - but gained a periscope.
benfrost, Jun 23 2005

       <ping!>...and longitude, and possibly quite some depth.</ping!>
gnomethang, Jun 23 2005

       Clean, funky fun. [+]
elhigh, Jun 23 2005

       Cute for kids. Pervy for perverts.   

       [+] Yay! Croissant for the kids and perverts! And all the other ordinary adults who just like periscopes. They're in droves around these parts.
bookends, May 11 2006


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