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Prosthetic Mole

It will never fall off!
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For reasons that defy explination some of the most beautiful women on the planet have moles on thier faces. These have come to be called beauty marks but for those unlucky women who are beautiful but lack these distigusihing marks there is now a solution, the Prosthetic Mole.

These prostheses are fitted in a brief surgical procedure in which a small socket is fitted into the skin in the chosen location and the mole, fashioned of colored silicon is screwed into place. The moles can be changed depending on the desired appearance or color.

These natural appearing moles finally allow those born without to feel whole once again.

jhomrighaus, Jan 11 2007

somewhat similar Fake_20Hairy_20Mole_20Jewelry
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Prosthetic Moles: Leading Lip Lesion of 2003 http://www.skinema....nnies2003Moley.html
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       Cool, a double sided sticky taped mole+
skinflaps, Jan 11 2007

       make mine green and furry.   

       i am just one cat mad these days, I need another pet.
po, Jan 11 2007

       I was thinking emoticon type smileys would be fun myself.
jhomrighaus, Jan 11 2007

       sometimes, jhom, I don't presume that you think at all...
po, Jan 11 2007

       How should I interpret that comment my dear po?
jhomrighaus, Jan 11 2007

       don't think about it ! (impartial advice)
xenzag, Jan 11 2007

       you are heart not brain ;) and I can empathise with that. dear jhom.   

       xen - ha!   

       sorry -1 skin moles are not nice.
po, Jan 11 2007

       I don't know, for Cindy Crawford it seems to work.
jhomrighaus, Jan 11 2007

       a) Stick on moles were baked in Samuel Pepys' time and called "patches".
b) The type of piercing known as a "Madonna" (or Monroe depending on which side it is on) emulates her moley upper lip.

squeak, Jan 12 2007

       I always thought they were called "beauty spots" in an attempt to disguise their uglyness.
wagster, Jan 12 2007

       Note this is a permanant fixture comprising a composite socket set into the skin with removable prostheses.
jhomrighaus, Jan 12 2007

       baked. and was featured in hot shots part deux.
shinobi, Jan 12 2007

       //1 skin moles are not nice.//   

       <Knob Gag> What about 4 skin moles? </KG>
jtp, Jan 12 2007


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