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Prosthetic "High Five" Hand

When you need to "high five" and there's no one around
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You're walking down the sidewalk, see a piece of trash, grab it with your feet (a la Pele), and hackey it into the rubish bin with "all net, no rim" action.

And no one's there to see it and share in your athletic prowess.

No problem. The Prosthetic High Five Hand pops out from your belt and you "slip some skin" old school.

[added for "more details on the mechanics"]

I was thinking (yes, however brief, I actually thought about it, unfurtunately) that the mechanism would be a level hinged around waist-high and strapped down to the thigh in a "cocked" position. When released, it would swing upward and telescope like a Chinese yo yo in order that it reach high enough to meet your "five".

I really think with a few engineers, we could get this thing going. It'd be bigger than the "pet rock".

the27man, Aug 13 2004

(??) I can't believe this hasn't........ http://www.tanomi.c...items500/100146.jpg
........been linked to already. [normzone, Apr 11 2005]


       I would not want to have to explain to others what a "prosthetic high five hand" was doing in the vicinity of my nethers prior to acknowledging my athletic prowess.
jurist, Aug 13 2004

       Or you could just do a "high clap".
lostdog, Aug 13 2004

       I like this idea...which reflects badly on me. Nonetheless, to deny one's essence is the first step towards losing it, so I must bun. But am I irretrievably entwined with the idea of a prosthetic hand with which to high five? Up the dosage, it's worse than we feared...
DocBrown, Aug 13 2004

       In principle, I'm in favour of this idea but a hand attached to your belt would be more suitable for a low-five. A collar or shoulder attached hand should be used for high-fiving.

More details on the mechanics would also be appreciated.
DrBob, Aug 13 2004

       What is the sound of one hand high-fiving?
hippo, Aug 13 2004

       I always just go for the air-high-five, usually while shouting out, "Yes! High five on that... clap!"   

       But I think this is great too... at least you didn't say we should bioengineer or use genetic modification (+)
luecke, Aug 13 2004

       There should be one on every telephone pole.
phundug, Aug 13 2004


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