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the papers

A safety responsibility contract
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I, wjt are of sound mind and heart.

The experiment/procedure/act I am going to commit has a slight calculated probability of failure. I have fully thought through rational worst case senarios. My action has been vetted by a qualified profession in the correct field of expertise. {name} {signature] {date} I take full responsibility and my estate is fully insured to cover any liabilities {death/injury insurance policy} The involved authorities will notified on any negative outcome of this experiment.

signed wjt {date in question}

PS As a human being I should have control over my life and what I would like to do with that gift. Any great advancement to humanity is going to have a probable death component. Death and safety has to be balanced. Although, imagine the stigma/kudos of destroying a city quarter because of cold fusion experiment after signing this document.

wjt, Apr 25 2014

the same, but different... HB_20explanatory_20card
[not_morrison_rm, Apr 25 2014]


       If you are brilliant enough to devise a possible way of destroying an entire city quarter, then you should be brilliant enough to devise a way not to do so during testing.   

       Which insurance company is going to insure such an experiment within city limits? Policies are usually very specific about what they cover and what they do not.   

       Also...not nice to implicate your vettor.
the porpoise, Apr 25 2014

       The city quarter experiment is the freakish case. The so unexpected that it could never be predicted.   

       Mostly, this document is for people that want to do something where the laws to protect you are in the way. A way of taking off the safety guards as long as you know and willing to accept the consequences.   

       An example would be human sling loading under a helicopter. Banned by the NZ CAA but in my mind totally down to the individual. Will the participants in the one way trip to Mars have to sign a waiver?   

       I wonder if there are any monumental experiments, on the books, that need someone to back them with their life. "They gave lives for the freedom Humanity in a greater universe''.
wjt, Apr 25 2014

       ^ you mean apart from space-travel, nuclear-science, is-the-world-flat ? etc. etc. etc. ?
FlyingToaster, Apr 25 2014

       Almost all monumental experiments require someone's life; usually it is a long and interesting life devoted to the pursuit of great answers.
Alterother, Apr 25 2014

       The exception being the inventor of the pneumatic earwax remover.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 26 2014

       [Max] That would be a nice basis for a magic trick. Tension due to danger, the right level of ew and the twist of cleaning the left ear from the right.   

       So for most dangerous careers this is the opposite of what is needed. The goal in that case is who can follow the procedure the best. Unless something goes wrong and then safetys come off to the right the situation as best as possible. Hindsight bravery or stupidity.   

       These papers are used when you think safety has gone overboard and you are willing to legally state that. The level of thought, will definitely be debated after the fact. In a way it lodges a complaint of freedom reduction at an inquest.
wjt, Apr 28 2014


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