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Psychological targets

Painted aiming points
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I propose a plate be attached to a particularly well armored or unimportant point on a tank or other fighting vehicle. This plate would be decorated with a set of eyes, a religious epithet, a hated (to the enemy) symbol, or something else that would make it look vulnerable or incite hatred. In theory anyone targeting the vehicle would want to attack that point more than other parts.
Voice, Aug 08 2010

Painted target on plane http://www.modeling...hobbinstempest1.htm
Not an unimportant or well-armored section. [Cedar Park, Aug 08 2010]

urine for it, little fly http://www.cleanlin...s.asp?ProductID=741
[swimswim, Aug 09 2010]

Truck testicles http://dcist.com/at...16_trucknuts(2).jpg
[Voice, Aug 09 2010]


       You should call DARPA
vfrackis, Aug 09 2010

       They actually do something similar with urinals. Certain brands of urinals come with a little fly painted onto the ceramic, so the men end up aiming for the fly. It reduces splashing and thus saves on janitorial costs.
EdwinBakery, Aug 09 2010

       Tanks are already pretty phallic. They could drag an immense pair of testicles along the ground behind them. Unlike ordinary testicles, these could be replaced.   

       But I am not sure anyone attacking tanks these days actually sees them from up close.
bungston, Aug 09 2010

       When this 'weak spot' is hit, make the entire vehicle flash white. Then gamers will never shoot anything else.
Loris, Aug 28 2010


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