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Paintball AntiAircraft Shells

maybe missiles.
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FlyingToaster, Apr 17 2014

http://www.reuters....USL3N0N63EN20140414 [FlyingToaster, Apr 17 2014]

Military Olympics Military_20Olympics
Guerre Sans Frontieres [8th of 7, Apr 17 2014]

http://www.youtube....outube_gdata_player New soviet weapon system. Very well made little film. [xenzag, Apr 18 2014]


       I voted for it, but does anybody actually use AA guns any more in this age of missiles and jets?
normzone, Apr 17 2014

       Actually, yes. To avoid missile defences, aircraft come in fast and very low, which makes them vulnerable to old-fashioned iron artillery.
8th of 7, Apr 17 2014

       I can't find the idea, but a while back I saw something like "Olympic Games for Military" here (instead of wars). This would fit in perfectly.
ixnaum, Apr 17 2014

       One of ours ... <link>
8th of 7, Apr 17 2014

       Artillery rounds with 'marker' (i.e. paint-filled) shells are widely baked. Start with those and you're...well, pretty much finished.   

       [norm], not only are the big guns still very much in the AA business, but little cousins still join the play as well: a smart missile can outrun andor out-maneuver nearly anything fast and nimble enough to catch it, but they're surprisingly vulnerable to streams of high-velocity projectiles. So are airplanes, but they always have been. Also, computer-controlled mini-miniguns are getting quick enough to knock light mortar rounds and RPGs out of the air. Pretty soon they'll have tank rounds that can take the ears off of two hundred flies* with one shot.   

       * just the ears
Alterother, Apr 18 2014

       In the book Catch 22 there was great fear that the Gemans had Lepage Glue guns that could stick a whole formation of planes together in mid air and cause them to collectively fall from the sky.
xenzag, Apr 18 2014

       Thing is, if an aircraft travelling at 500mph is hit by a paintball also doing 500mph but in the opposite direction, will it not sting?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 18 2014

       ^ at which time an ambassador gets to sullenly say "mmsorrydintmeanit herehaveacookie" to another ambassador.   

       Inasmuch as ships are considered sovereign territories of the countries which flag they fly under, buzzing one while wearing a loaded-to-the-tits Mach 2 fighter jet could be considered worthy of getting a bucket of paint in the face.
FlyingToaster, Apr 18 2014

       I, for one, am all in favour of starting a new arms race where the aim is to provide the most amount of embarrassment and the least amount of actual damage.
not_only_but_also, Apr 19 2014

       A lucky shot could shatter or blind the pilot's windshield giving the copilot a chance to fly the plane.   

       The plane ! The Plane !
popbottle, Apr 19 2014

       Sp. "Ze Plane ! Ze Plane !"
8th of 7, Apr 19 2014

       This adds a whole new dimension to the grafitti artist's term 'getting up'.
Alterother, Apr 20 2014


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