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Pedantic Payback!

Someone picking apart your lazy spelling and grammar?
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Someone picking apart your lazy spelling and grammar? Then use the Pedantic Punisher! A dictionary secured to a coiled spring which is held in the hand. If someone should criticize your spelling or grammar to your face; simply pick up the dictionary as if you are going to read it. You then press the hidden button, the spring is released and the dictionary shoots from your hand and whacks the person in the face! Repeat if necessary.
S-note, Jul 04 2007

El Pedanto El Pedanto
[zen_tom, Jul 04 2007]


       I shouldn't really.However [+] for the last paragraph.
skinflaps, Jul 04 2007

       A nemesis for El Pedanto?
zen_tom, Jul 04 2007

       This is cute, but I like pedants correcting me. Once I invented the E.P.S.=Emergency Pedant Service because I spelled the same word wrong three times in different posts and no one even mentioned it to me. It got fishboned to hell and mfd'd, too. (Besides which I spelled *Pendant*.)
btw-even though I mentioned your puncuation, I, myself am not a pedant.
xandram, Jul 04 2007

       I just liked the irony, maybe if I changed the dictionary to a custard pie. Ijust cant think of any reason why you would happen to have a custard pie in your hand whilst having your spelling or grammatical mistakes pointed out to you?
S-note, Jul 04 2007

       //I shouldn't really.However [+] for the last paragraph.//   

       Especially since there is only *one* pargraph.
nuclear hobo, Jul 04 2007

       As payback for your posting this, I shall henceforth view all your posts with an eye absolutely unforgiving of any deviations in syntax or construction.   

       However, being a lazy pedant, I probably won't bother commenting on your screw-ups.   

       <edit>On the other hand..."maybe if....custard pie" = predicate fragment; "Ijust" -> I just; "cant" -> can't; "I just can't....to you?" = declarative punctuated as interrogative.
<raspberry> ftpdhttpd </raspberry> </edit>
lurch, Jul 04 2007

       That one took a fair amount of bandwidth.
lurch, Jul 04 2007

       //maybe if I changed the dictionary to a custard pie//   

       Was this intentional or have you inadvertently stumpled upon the deep, dark, delicious secret of the HB already?
fridge duck, Jul 04 2007

       I think so.......
S-note, Jul 04 2007


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