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Public Interest Groups

Bringing people together for a common good
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It would be like a blogger.com for interest groups. Say there is a large group of people against something. The war in iraq for instance. They goto publicinterestgroups.com and create the account nobloodforoil. Now they have a page, with a template and all kinds of tools and what not called nobloodforoil.publicinterestgroups.com. Using this online forum, members can donate like $1 a month to this cause, which would be put towards an advertisement on television, or something of that nature. Now alternately, there could be a group called morebloodforoil which does precisely the opposite but which is also listed on the main page of publicinterestgroups.com which displays these groups in a hiearchial manner similar to yahoo and other portals. Search options, etc, are available. Ideally it would have the flexibility and security of ebay, with being able to only view topics in your community, banning people who inappropriately spend the raised funds, etc. It's just a new way of bringing people together for a common cause. To be elaborated on, nothing is set in stone here, but I havent seen anything like this so I thought I would bring it up. It could even go so far as being something stupid like giantgoldstatueofapenis.publicinterestgroup.com.
neelb421, Jul 09 2004

Community building / fundraising site [defunct] http://web.archive....www.ideacradle.com/
Sign up and pledge financial support for ideas you like. Ideas with enough supporters become vote-controlled co-operatives. [jutta, Oct 04 2004, last modified Jun 03 2010]


       How is this different from Yahoo groups? (I'm not saying it's the same, just asking.)
angel, Jul 09 2004

       Or orkut groups, or USENET groups, or craigslist community forums, for that matter.   

       Well, I guess the integration of the fundraising and the discussion forum would be new.   

       Allowing people to spend raised funds, seeing how they spend them, and only *then* banning them seems like an accident waiting to happen. Before I let someone have my money, I want to know who they are and what they'll do with it.   

       It's fairly easy to add donations to an existing site. Given that, and given that forum software exists, is there really a need to centralize this?
jutta, Jul 09 2004


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