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Real Time Drawing Blog

The Singularity
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Have a real time drawing blog so people can communicate in pictures.
JesusHChrist, May 19 2005

isketch http://www.isketch.net/
Not a blog, exactly, more like on-line pictionary. But it's got that real-time drawing thing baked. Graphics tablet optional, you can play isketch with your mouse. Requires Flash. [Soterios, May 19 2005]

Just Letters http://web.okaygo.c...s/letters/flashcom/
The ultimate real-time blog [spiritualized, May 19 2005]

Imagination Cubed http://admin3.imagi...transcript=&_lscid=
It's not quite real-time, but almost. [zen_tom, May 19 2005]

ASCII Annos ASCII_20Annos
Just another shameless plug. [zen_tom, May 19 2005]

ESP Game http://www.espgame.org/
Collaborative Image Labeling Game [JesusHChrist, Sep 15 2006]

Human Computation http://video.google...l+human+computation
The ESP Game and a Real Time Drawing Blog will turn into an Aritificial Intelligence / Intelligence Amplification [JesusHChrist, Sep 15 2006]

Drawsomething http://omgpop.com/drawsomething/
[JesusHChrist, Jul 14 2012]


       : )

       Make it 3D and collaborative and make the interface bio- feedback.
JesusHChrist, May 19 2005

       Any Apple links?
JesusHChrist, May 19 2005

       Nobody can draw with a mouse. Like a bar of soap. We just steal pics and reformat them in PShop. PITA. Easier and quicker to write and "paint the picture in the mind" than draw a crude rendition. Been there, done that. Blat. (-)
MauiChuck, May 19 2005

       You can draw with a mouse. It's just not any fun.
Soterios, May 19 2005

       [Worldgineer] posted a link to one of these on ASCII Annos - see link.
zen_tom, May 19 2005

       Cool ESP Game will turn into artificial intelligence (link)
JesusHChrist, Sep 15 2006


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