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Reply manager

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A software system that manages all your posts and replies to forums or blogs. All the blogs and forums now include tools to manage the replies to your posts and they even mail you when someone comments your posts. What hasn't been done yet is a tool to manage your own comments.

Take the halfbakery for example. Instead of doing a complex search to find out if there are changes to ideas you commented, this tool would keep track of your comments and build a summary or send a mail warning of posts inserted after your own. The tool would do this for every comment done over the web.

PauloSargaco, Nov 10 2004


       A WIBNI.
ldischler, Nov 10 2004

       Well, the fact that it already exists proves that it's not a WIBNI. So, baked would be a more appropriate tag. BTW, could you provide a link?
PauloSargaco, Nov 10 2004

       For web sites that put all comments on a single page with the original item (such as this one), this would simply be a tool that would notify you when the page at a given URL changes significantly. All you would have to do is tell it what URLs correspond to your posts, perhaps by clicking a button in your browser.   

       There would be some gotchas, for instance you wouldn't want it to flag a halfbakery page simply because the tagline up under the logo changed.   

       When the web site uses a more complex multi-page interface for comments, the problem becomes more complex.   

       Perhaps a better way to go would be to use RSS feeds. But then this idea kind of degenerates into a "let's all" -- as in, let's have all discussion websites support RSS for thread updates.
krelnik, Nov 10 2004

       [Paulo] it's worth interjecting that the hb does provide this facility - I have an RSS feed to monitor my ideas (e.g. posts to them). Try and Edit your view.
RSS does do what you want it to do, when implemented properly.
neilp, Nov 11 2004

       Well, RSS is just a unified format for stories and updates to stories; you also need software to then manage the RSS streams, keep track of what your identities are in the various places, etc.
But, yeah, what Krelnik said.
jutta, Nov 11 2004


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