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Public Restroom Suites

Everyone deserves semi-private luxury accomodations.
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I got this idea after using the handicapped stall in a public restroom where it had its own separate sink, mirror, and paper towels.

Public Restroom Suites are an option available in most high-class buildings where the toilet stall in the public restroom is more than just 2 steel walls with a door that has a gap wide enough for everyone to peak through and see who's parked on the can.

Public Restroom suites provide amenities including carpeting, cable TV, a sink, mirror, and other toiletries that you would normally find in an upscale restroom, however, you don't have to share them with your neighbor. No more washing hands in the sink and bumping elbows in the process. Now everyone can have their own moment of solitude while they handle their "personal issues" of rest and relief.

Some other options may include individual climate controls, a landline phone, internet, padded and reclining seats, a wet bar and a fridge.

Jscotty, Jul 28 2010


       Hmmm. The invention here seems to take place exclusively in the last paragraph. Otherwise, it just seems to be a call for public bathrooms to be upgraded to match those of the better type of establishment.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 28 2010

       Why spend so much money making it "high-class" when far better alternatives could be produced for similar money, for example: a restroom where the patrons strip nude and put their clothes into a machine where they are laundered. Then they enter the second stage which is essentially a room with a grated floor where they freely expel substances of all kinds. They enter the third stage where they are power-washed for several minutes. Finally in the fourth stage they are air dried. The whole system is heat/ chemically sterilized for the next user while they retrieve their clothes.
rcarty, Jul 28 2010

       ^^ I like it! :)
Jscotty, Jul 30 2010

       This sort of restroom should be mandatory in public libraries where many people without other residence reside by default. There would be competition for such restrooms and so one or more floors could be set aside for them. Books could be scanned and so made accessible by internet, with actual books permanently stored offsite.
bungston, Jul 30 2010


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