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Pulse Ring

Like a mood ring, but flashes with pulse
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This is both a biofeedback device and a fashion accessory. It's a watch-battery powered ring that changes color with every heartbeat. A cheesier implementation might use a flashing LED...

Why, you might ask: subtle way of letting the person you are with know that she excites/bores you, teaching yourself how to relax by slowing your own pulse (try it sometimes with a pulse monitor), or seeing if you an sync your heartbeats with a bunch of friends...

Not for use while playing poker.

cowtamer, Jul 20 2010

The heart beateth fast. http://www.flashing...B-6ICFSFN5QodclXWgg
[swimswim, Jul 21 2010]

Electrochromism http://en.wikipedia...iki/Electrochromism
Materials that change color in response to electricity [cowtamer, Jul 21 2010]

Paper on Electrochromic Materials http://www.chromoge.../docs/science52.pdf
More technical article on electrochromism [cowtamer, Jul 21 2010]


       it also has a medical purpose.
Voice, Jul 20 2010

po, Jul 20 2010

       I like it, but what's the mechanism that's less-cheesey than an LED?
baconbrain, Jul 20 2010

       I like this.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 20 2010

       I assume the smoothie version pulses gradually brighter and then fading smoothly to dimmer, while the cheeesy one blinks abruptly on-off, [pig head]. [+]
pocmloc, Jul 20 2010

       I imagine the less-cheezy-then-LED mechanism would have to be some sort of electrochemical reaction that can affect a color change, or maybe even an LCD or E-ink type of system. But I was envisioning something that's translucent...so LCD or E-ink don't pass the "cheezy" test. Any ideas?
cowtamer, Jul 20 2010

       I think that given the versatility of LEDs, you'd be able to set several miniLEDs into translucent plastic and make them brighten and dim quite smoothly.   

       Which would look nicer that one big red LED set out in the open and blinking on and off.   

       I was just wondering of there was something new in mind for this. LEDs are likely the best bet, I'd say.
baconbrain, Jul 20 2010

       What odd town do you live in [21q]?   

       This would be a good indicator for use during cardiovascular exercise. [+] Like when you're running away from the hooligans that are trying to steal your blinky trinket.
swimswim, Jul 21 2010

       A pretty popular item in the old folks home, I imagine... confirmation of a pulse would be cause for celebration! So, Bun! [+] But, on the other hand, this is one data collection point from a lie detector. So, Bone! [-] I think I'll stand over here and look creepy until your ring starts flashing faster... MUUHAHAHAHAAAAAA!
Grogster, Jul 21 2010

       I think it be pretty, useful and ever so delightful. +
blissmiss, Jul 21 2010

       + possible explosion after jogging...
xandram, Jul 21 2010

       It could sequence around the ring, once for every pulse, and pause on the main LED.   

       Extra points for powering it from the Seebeck effect.
Ling, Jul 21 2010

       // Seebeck effect //   

8th of 7, Jul 21 2010


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