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pointe jewel

ring with a seen or unseen setting
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A shaft is drilled into the jewel. The internal end of the shaft is widen. Facets and the use of internal reflection is used to obf(u)scate the shaft.

An appropriate metal alloy is pored into shaft which gives a anchor position to weld to ring. If the metal was pored was the correct alloy, a mirrored finish could be obtained.

Brilliant cut jewels could be slightly altered to fit to next each other with the welding position set in the tip of the jewel. This artistry means a ring band could have an an aura of pointe jewels.

A cartoon ring made real.

wjt, Dec 03 2016

A quick image search https://www.google....gB&biw=1280&bih=689
the ones without settings [wjt, Dec 04 2016]


       Nice idea, if you can indeed obfuscate the shaft. For this to work, the shaft would have to be well polished.   

       Also, the metal alloy would need to be quite strong - it's in the centre, so would tend to flex (and break) if the stone were knocked.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 03 2016

       //to weld to ring.   

       one ring to bind them....   

       But seriously, you could use mercury in the middle bit.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 03 2016

       A link to the referenced "cartoon ring" would be informative.
Vernon, Dec 03 2016

       Don't know enough about alloys. Stainless steel? Titanium alloys used in dentistry?   

       Maybe the shaft could have some powdered glaze blow in before the metal pour. This would give a colour vein to the jewel and obfuscation wouldn't be needed.   

       [not_morrison_rm] Mercury sloshing around in the centre of a diamond does spark the imagination.
wjt, Dec 04 2016

       sp. obfuscate   

       Actually, *obfiscate would be an interesting new word. It would combine treasury (fisc) with confrontation or obstruction. As in "In recent years, the U.S. congress has succeeded in obfiscating much of the president's legislative agenda"   

       Similarly, I'm intrigued by the pores in the metal alloy.
pertinax, Dec 04 2016

       chromium with a SS core for the filling my get you the look your after. not going to be cheap but.
dev45, Dec 08 2016


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