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Analog digital nostalgia
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[See link for the inspiration for this idea]

Take a ring - harder alloys are better in this case - and engrave an audio recording around the circumference as a single, continuous groove a la phonographic cylinders.

The audio could be stock, such as the Wedding March, or a company’s jingle; or custom, such as a couple’s wedding vows. Friends could exchange rings with a favorite song, poem or quote.

The recording implies a player, but the player could be a simple affair and bundled with the cost of the ring(s).

phoenix, Nov 06 2007

Meri's Go 'Round http://meri0426.mul...well?replies_read=6
The inspiration for this idea. [phoenix, Nov 06 2007]

Phonographic cylinders http://en.wikipedia...Phonograph_cylinder
The other inspiration for this idea. [phoenix, Nov 06 2007]

DataRing DataRing
The digital version. [phoenix, Nov 07 2007]


       Lovely idea - I'd like it even more if it were possible to have an actual record set in the top of the ring, where the diamond might normally go, that revolves and plays something (very faintly). Sure, it's tacky as hell compared to the elegance of this idea (which is far classier) but it'd be a great conversation piece. Maybe a record-watch, where the alarm is produced by a rapidly spinning grooved disk. But I'm getting carried away now.   

       [+] for a beautiful and elegant idea.
zen_tom, Nov 06 2007

       // analog digital   

       Bun for fine play on words!
theNakedApiarist, Nov 06 2007

       + and I would like to hear a bit of turntable DJ scratchin' goin' on when I spin my ring back and forth on my finger.
xandram, Nov 06 2007

       A better title occurred to me this evening: RememberRing.
phoenix, Nov 07 2007

       //RemberRing// Perfect for those of us experiencing the occasional *Senior Moment*.
jurist, Nov 07 2007


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