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Pump boots.

Self powering juice sprayer.
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For a backpack set spray pump, normally there is an inefficient lever that you pump up and down to provide pressure to spray juice.

Springloaded boots could compress enough air to spray the juice, they also would put more of a bounce in the workers step and they could get through the field faster. The boots could also be loads of fun for the kids. (high pressure water/acid pistols)

Maybe one or two serious commercial uses in the field of farming ie: poison application and liquid fertilizer.

Trodden, Jul 10 2003


       Cute. (+)
st3f, Jul 10 2003

       Just don't wear them on the way to/from work.   

       <runs for bus> clonk squish clonk squish clonk squish, sprays bus driver inadvertantly,gets thrown off<runs for bus>   

       An added advantage though, is that if anyone steps on your foot, they get squirted in the eye with liquid manure. That'll learn em. +
squeak, Jul 10 2003


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