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Get thee to a punnery.
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I had a strange thing pop into my head the other day.
An entire three word sentence comprised of puns which were all related to one another.

Yew, Willow, Bay.

All trees. All something possibly strung together in an actual sentence, yet when heard out of context completely change the meaning of the sentence on a subliminal level.

I guess that a book of these types of puns is the idea. Not a call for a list.

...and I for one welcome our chlorophyllic overlords, and furthermore...


       And here I thought this would be about a prison in which the convicts are subjected to endless puns, as punishment. I was going to write something about how that would likely get labeled "cruel and unusual", but now I don't need to write that, after all.
Vernon, Dec 09 2017

       A life sentence in this punitentiary:   

       Life is butter, melon, cauliflower.   

pertinax, Dec 09 2017

       Cool, but together those puns only make a single word not an entire sentence.
Like this;

       Ire egret olive indus sew sigh eighty. Chain jizz scum ming.   

       ... but only if each of those individual words could appear in order and mean something totally different.   

       It was implied...   


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