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Punk Pause Picture

Grind Famous People And -- Oh, Wait; That Sounds Terrible
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GROGco Productions is proud to present "Punk Pause Picture."

It is a Quasi-Reality Game Show where contestants pit their Pause Pictures against each other and allow audience reaction to gauge the the winner.

Each contestant will have spent an hour prior to the show with a TeeVee, a Remote Control, and a Camera, capturing the most ridiculous expressions with the pause button and the camera.

Extra points may be awarded for how famous the person is, whether they're an actor/actress, or whether they're a politician.

All pictures become the property of The Game Show Network and the most ridiculous political Pause Pictures may be sold to the highest bidder doing Opposition Research. Those funds will be used to hire corporate lawyers to defend the producers who share the pictures.

The contestants are hapless pawns at the bottom of the food chain and may be thrown to the ambulance chasing lawyers at any time after they collect their winnings.

This, my friends, is called an "Ecosystem."

Note: Don't Shoot The Messenger -- [GROG]

Grogster, Dec 10 2016


       "Ah took basket weaving to get an easy "A". Two Navajos enrolled in the course, raised the class average, and I flunked out." old joke.   

       Pausing seems to be something that an expert or just naturally talented person could slaughter amateur punks at. Be careful of ringers, or you'll not get through the first season.
popbottle, Dec 10 2016


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