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Putting valuable things in people's possession without them knowing it. Hilarity ensues!
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I imagine the extreme version of this would be actually going into their home while they sleep and installing giant TVs and commercial espresso machines and hot tubs and motorcycles and works of art. Furniture and booze. Ninjas would definitely be involved.

I guess the real idea is just the general action, but making it into a TV show would be kinda cool. It could be construed as illegal, but ultimately moral. So, that's something to consider. We could always make a TV show out of it; or just like some sort of huge pay-it-forward game for society as a whole. People going around dropping bills in everyone else's purse, strange accumulations occurring. Perhaps someone gets exactly what they need through the process, isn't that a good thing? I bet society would function more smoothly with an unbiased and unspoken system for wealth redistribution.

daseva, Nov 19 2012

Hamish and Andy put-pocketing http://www.youtube....a_k&feature=related
[AusCan531, Nov 19 2012]

Canadians emulating Hamish and Andy http://www.youtube....watch?v=AYa9yJ9RIYg
[AusCan531, Nov 19 2012]


blissmiss, Nov 19 2012

       The guy who taught me to install carpet/lino/laminates tells a story about how he was sent to the wrong address in Vabcouver, (such-and-such street west rather than north or whatever), and removed/reinstalled the carpet in their home. Room sizes matched, furniture moving was on the work order, key was hidden where they said it would be, and he was just kicking in the last room when the boss called to ask him why he never showed up to the site while the customer is on the end of another phone-line freaking out.   

       He finished the job, replaced all of their stuff so as to avoid the break-and-enter charges and the lucky customers never did find out how the carpet-elves came and re-did their flooring for them. (+)   

       An Australian comedy team, Hamish and Andy, filmed themselves put-pocketing cash and it has since been copied in the UK and Canada. [links]
AusCan531, Nov 19 2012

       I believe that the police do this, secretly slipping psychoactive drugs into the pockets of people who look like they don't have any!
pocmloc, Nov 19 2012

       pocmloc: yeah, yeah, we know you didn't deserve that arrest!
DrCurry, Nov 19 2012

       Ninjas, the one good thing to come out of the eighties. [+] I once gave a large gift to an unsuspecting person, about 5% of my annual income. Pretty cool to see their response. It wasn't so much the size of the gift they appreciated but the knowledge that someone even noticed they had the need for it, and felt they deserved it. He wasn't even one of my friends so this came as a great surprise to him.
Brian the Painter, Dec 08 2012


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