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Rob a Bank for Fun and Profit

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In this elaborately decorated bank, players would recreate the nighttime bank heists they see in movies. Armed security guards (with laser tag guns), security cameras, laser grids, and motion detectors must be evaded while a set of objectives is completed by the participants: enter through the bathroom window (made of safe, breakaway glass), climb through the (reinforced) vent, make your way to the office, deactivate the security camera in the lobby, set the detonator on the vault door, and...

A shot rings out; the last player is disabled. The lights go up, and the team is escorted out.

rgovostes, Nov 23 2006


       Big bun, for promoting more complex scenarios than ""capture the hill" type tag/paintball games.   

       I actually really like this idea, you could come up with all sorts of scenarios such as   

       Steal the painting from the museum   

       Plant the bug in the Embassy   

       Even rescue the hostage(s) in the bank   

       Switch the mobile phones in the bedroom of the sleeping drug lord   


       Only problem I see is everyone whingeing about providing training for future criminals.   

       go on guys, I'm waiting.
Custardguts, Nov 23 2006

       sp: burglarizators
gnomethang, Nov 23 2006

       This would be a lot more effective training than the rubber guns and imaginary bullets we played war games with in the Navy...   

       Of course, locking imaginary fences, and using imaginary metal detectors didn't help much either...   

       Somehow shouting "Bangity bang bang bang" while ferociously pointing a rubber shotgun at a crazed burglar trying to burgle a sailor isn't very convincing.
ye_river_xiv, Nov 23 2006

       Great, if only for the complexity of the scenarios.   

       That, and I think this'd be good practice for the real thing, which I contemplate every so often.
shapu, Nov 25 2006

       <!--Hmm, people competing against an (artificial) security sytem to steal an (artificial) artifact.-->   

       But here it's unscripted, and that makes all the difference.
Cuit_au_Four, Nov 25 2006


       I want to play this.
webfishrune, Nov 28 2006


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