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Self-righting gloves.

Gloves that re-form themselves into the correct left/right mode when urgently needed.
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Gloves are rarely (never) in the optimum position on the grass, flower bed, glove compartment, for putting back on. Often they are scrunched or turned semi-inside-out from the previous outing. Whenever I reach for mine I am forced to consciously disengage from the task-in-hand (usually gardening) and waste valuable garden-seconds in sorting out what should come naturally, but does not. So, a special pre-set yet crumple-up-able material that reforms as originally moulded -- however they are left, they right themselves, standing on their fingertips, and presenting their linings alluringly to my hands.

It may be possible to cut costs by producing one glove in this material, the other in cotton, and expecting one to give the other a hand.

Timon of Bath, Mar 08 2002


       Wear gauntlets.
phoenix, Mar 08 2002

       be a man - throw away the gloves, let that skin gets some air and sun and down to earth dirt. never see Alan Titchmarsh with soppy gloves.
po, Mar 08 2002

       A croissant from this gardener, who is charmed (in an entirely *manly* way, of course) by the idea of gloves standing on fingertip to present themselves alluringly.   

       [UnaBubba], if you ever tried to garden wearing limp, unbreathing latex, you'd experience the ultimate in irritation. [PeterSealy], those wooly stretch things wouldn't hold up long or protect much against thorns. I think Timon's gloves might need to have some sort of wiry but flexible mesh embedded in the fabric or leather.
bluegreen, Mar 08 2002

       Have your hands trimmed so they are symetrical. A thumb on each side!
dare99, Mar 09 2002


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