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Puppet for Webex and Teams conference calls

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A ventriloquist dummy or similar you can position in front of your webcam while you sit off-camera to operate it during conference calls. Can be as lifelike or silly as you want.

Inspired by a true life horror: High ranking project manager called an hour long virtual meeting and insisted everybody leave their cameras on. This was insensitive to folks with religious objections to graven images as well as those of us who don't show up well on camera or in mirrors. And potentially damaging to the careers of anyone who can't control their eyerolls and face palms when the boss says something dumb.

a1, Dec 30 2022

What about Michael Jordan? https://www.youtube...watch?v=xOIHA3SSCvM
[mylodon, Jan 01 2023]

Why cardboard cutouts aren't enough https://www.gocomic...reerange/2024/02/18
[a1, Feb 18 2024]

https://static.wiki...3507&path-prefix=en [a1, May 09 2024]


       Aren't there AI avatars that do this?
Voice, Dec 30 2022

       // AI avatars //   

       Yeah, probably. I was after something more retro, and that would fit in with my office and workbench in the background. Something hands-on would also give at least a tiny sense of engagement during the meeting even if I couldn't take it seriously.
a1, Dec 30 2022

       Instabun [+]
pertinax, Dec 31 2022

       doing Snap style face modifications for your manager as he's talking would be popular   

       or Mystery Science 3000 style commentary at the bottom
theircompetitor, Dec 31 2022

       // Mystery Science 3000 style commentary at the bottom //   

       Believe me, that was going on in private team chat apart from the main conference call. Always does.
a1, Dec 31 2022

       //puppet// read as 'PupPet', a trained dog who wears a tie and sits very still gazing directly into the camera, except for hanging out tongue ("Great idea. When's lunch?'), moue-face mouth ("Tell me more"), or a sneeze (dogspeak for "Let's go!").   

       [+] for dogs with jobs
Sgt Teacup, Dec 31 2022

       If I'm outside tending my garden I'm not inside manipulating a jaw realistically. [-]   

       If being able to view body language is important to society then people need to work in the same environment again. I think that boat has sailed.
mylodon, Jan 01 2023

       Zoom meetings with vampires are pretty easy to imitate.
RayfordSteele, Jan 01 2023

       Interesting that the groundswell has changed from clamoring to get on Zoom and social media to desperately finding ways to avoid it. Give it 5 years and you'll be able to lease an AI avatar that's much smarter than you and put it into your job meetings. But you still get to cash the check.   

       Go garden. Leave it to us.
minoradjustments, Feb 18 2024

       More likely the company will // lease an AI avatar // from another company and let all the human employees go the way of the dodo.
sninctown, Feb 19 2024

       [sninc] Company? We don’t need no stinkin’ company. It’s going to be a new definition of nepotism, when the AI managers and board members of hundreds of companies can order up their own fellows/maidens from Central Avatar Supply who are smarter, faster, healthier, less prone to ‘issues,’ and more reliable that the meat employees. They’ll just tell us to stay home and they’ll take care of it. One Big Company, dedicated to serving the meat beings globally if only they would stay out of the way. There will be no “Wild Humans.”
minoradjustments, Feb 19 2024

       //serving// on a platter?
pocmloc, Feb 19 2024


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