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Puzzle Decoded Adventure Book

Pages or sections are all mixed up. Puzzle solutions tell which page has the next part of the story.
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So you'd read the first section and solve a riddle with a numerical answer. That number is where you turn to for the next section of the story.

With a bit of creativity, each puzzle could be built around the action. For instance the hero has to figure out how long to fire the retro-rockets to land softly on planet Remulon. The control panel shows a math equation, the reader figures out the answer, say 36, (seconds) then goes to page 36 to continue the story. Another puzzle might lead them back to page 24, another to 145 etc.

Little cliffhangers would preceed the puzzles. If the writing were good enough the kids would be excited to do the problem to get to the next part to see what happens next.

doctorremulac3, Oct 09 2013

The MAZE http://en.wikipedia..._Challenging_Puzzle
[RayfordSteele, Oct 10 2013]


       There should be multiple stories and storylines in each adventure book so that there is less likelihood of spoiling the ending by inadvertently reading it as you are flipping back and forth in the book. Also, what happens if the reader is never able to accurately solve one or more of the story's puzzles? Will the reader ever get to finish the story?
jurist, Oct 09 2013

       No, they get trapped in the book for decades until someone else solves the puzzle, and then when they do escape Robin Williams sues them for copyright infringement.
8th of 7, Oct 09 2013

       No, more like Catch-22 …
8th of 7, Oct 10 2013

       Kind of exactly like Jumanji...sort of.
xandram, Oct 10 2013

       Reminds me of 'The Maze,' only with a fleshed out story.
RayfordSteele, Oct 10 2013

       If you solve it wrong, you will go to the wrong page. But you might not notice. It will make for a screwy story.   

       If it is some online thing and you must solve it right to go to the right page then it could be any puzzle you must solve to go to the right page - the pages are in fact in sequence and so numbering them as though they are not and are in a book is sort of an anachronism.
bungston, Oct 10 2013

       //If you solve it wrong, you will go to the wrong page. But you might not notice. It will make for a screwy story.//   

       I thought about that. The next section would start with the riddle so you know you had the right one.   

       This is just for an old fashion paper book, not anything digital or web based.
doctorremulac3, Oct 10 2013


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