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Weighted Bookmark

Dual purpose reading accessory.
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A bookmark that is made of either lead or depleted uranium, and has some sort of clip to hold it to pages. When I turn the next page I clip it under the weighted bookmark and the page will not flip back over while I'm trying to read it.
DIYMatt, Apr 29 2010


       A Geiger counter would also allow you to find where you put your current book with the depleted uranium version.
Aristotle, Apr 29 2010

       With the soft lead version you could take your book to read on fishing outtings and tear off small strips to use as casting weights. Now it's a tri-purpose accessory.
jurist, Apr 29 2010


       I thought this bookmark would be inserted in different manners indicating how interesting the book was when you put it down.
normzone, Apr 29 2010


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