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Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Bookmark

This is a novelty bookmark designed to accompany a specific book where the user can smell the location/action of a particular book scene.
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The idea revolves around a novelty bookmark which has particular areas on it where if you scratch that area an aroma will be emitted. The reader will be invited at particular points in the story to scratch ‘n’ sniff a particular area/number on the bookmark which will emit an aroma suited to that particular scene in the book eg main character is walking through a field of grass or has stumbled across a farmyard. This could be used to provide a novel marketing approach in the publisher’s efforts to sell more copies of that book.
NumboJumbo, Sep 18 2007

Odorama http://www.imdb.com...le/tt0082926/trivia
baked in movie Polyester (1981 John Waters) - I still have my scratch and sniff card, and it still works ! [xenzag, Sep 18 2007]




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