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Pykrete Bering Strait Bridge

Bridge Two Continents... With Pykrete
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Inspired by: <link>. Pykrete has long been the perfect solution. Mankind has just been very unsporting by not finding the appropriate problem. Mankind has, however, dreamed of bridging Asia and America at the tastefully narrow Bering Straits. Other locations offer prohibitively large, and frankly vulgar, distances.

Now, a traditional bridge would be exposed to ferocious weather, icebergs and the occasional curious bear. A Pykrete bridge will be different, no soaring elegant cable stayed anything, just REALLY massive floating blocks with a few steel tethers and links here and there. It should laugh in the face of bracing weather.... if Pykrete could laugh or weather had a face.

Making it should be easy: in winter, go north a bit, find a flat-ish looking bit of regular sea ice, and set about spraying your wood-water slurry over it in any pattern you like... I recommend the pattern that most looks like sections of a Pykrete bridge. You'll probably find that as you build up your structure, it will break itself off in an obliging manner, if not, some explosive encouragement may be used. Then, simply tow them into position.

After the bridge is in place, the people of Siberia will FINALLY have access to a large supply of snow, ice and rocks.

bs0u0155, Nov 08 2013

Save Arctic Sea Ice Save_20Arctic_20Sea_20Ice
[bs0u0155, Nov 08 2013]

Sir Magnus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnus_Pyke
[not_morrison_rm, Nov 10 2013]

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       // access to a large supply of snow, ice and rocks. //   

       ... and, presumably, Sarah Palin ...
8th of 7, Nov 08 2013

       //.. and, presumably, Sarah Palin ...//   

       The Russians in question are extraordinarily tough and will definitely have rifles, it'll only end one way.
bs0u0155, Nov 08 2013

       We know, and the Russians don't deserve to be treated that way. They lost 20 million people in WW2 ... how many more ? Oh, the humanity ...
8th of 7, Nov 08 2013

       //They lost 20 million people   

       And people accuse me of forgetfulness. Pish.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 10 2013

       Juneau one?
calum, Nov 10 2013

       My uncle used to tell that joke. 'Course I Nome, he's my uncle.
JesusHChrist, Nov 10 2013

       Jeez. I cant feel my Knees...   

       Putin is evil. We dont need his kind Crossing the cOld Pacific.
Zimmy, Nov 11 2013

       A little research suggests such a structure would partially block some of the South-to-North currents, preserving the Northern Sea Ice a little longer into the summer months. Also, it would hem-in icebergs making shipping a little less hazardous in the area.
bs0u0155, Nov 11 2013


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