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Qualified Magazine Club

Get a fascinating assortment of trade rags for free.
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Some of the most fascinating industry secrets can be found by reading specialized trade magazines. You've probably seen them: things like "Supermarketworld" and "Waste Management Monthly." These are typically "free to qualified subscribers" which means you fill out a card saying you buy X hundred thousand dollars of Y processing equipment. When recieved, the publishers will send you the rag gratis, so they can puff subscription rates to advertisers.

Because a whole year of these things would be slow death (unless, of course, you work in the supermarket or waste management industries), the qualified magazine club is a group of, say, 12 people, each of whom subscribe to one of these monthly periodicals. Members trade copies in a rotating fashion, so everyone sees a new industry every month. Particularly good issues get earmarked for all to read. Probably all on the web now, but easier to read magazines on the toilet.

rmutt, Sep 16 2000

McSweeney's: If you work at a trade magazine... http://www.mcsweene...t/if_you/trade.html
My favorite deliberate humor magazine, McSweeney's, also knows the value of trade magazines and has been offering exchange subscriptions for a while. [jutta, Sep 16 2000]


       Actually not a bad idea. My father used to work for Lykes, and got all the food handling and storage rags, and they could be really interesting sometimes.
StarChaser, Sep 16 2000

       Pictures of your cat, random humor sites... we're getting pretty random, aren't we?
egnor, Sep 17 2000

       i dont get it
monty, Sep 17 2000

       Just for the record: I missed whatever happened up there. If there was an annotation deleted, it was not by me. Fear not: as a principle, I will not deprive anyone of the right to make stupid comments in a public forum.
rmutt, Oct 16 2000

       Uhm, I still remember that PeterSealy at some point posted a link to the Onion (because it, too, was a humor magazine, like McSweeney's -- never mind that that didn't have anything to do with trade magazines), and then someone posted pictures of their cat - I don't remember why.   

       If you delete everything after StarChaser's first annotation, you're pretty much back to normal.
jutta, Oct 17 2000


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