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Random woman centerfold

Who wants to look at Barbie-doll models all the time?!
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I think that there should be a magazine which has a centerfold chosen at **RANDOM** (you roll dice) from submissions. The lady can wear as much or as little as she wishes, but gets paid the same amount regardless. If she wants, she has the option of either an article written by her or an interview with her appearing in the magazine next to her centerfold. What a way to get published (^_^)
BozoNothing, Jan 02 2003


       And you think people would buy this to look at Mrs Doris Stubbs (aged 54) sprawled over the centre pages rather than, oh I don't know, Jennifer Lopez?   

       Also, I presume the //(you roll dice)// applies to the magazine editors, not the readers. Otherwise you're talking about a dynamic magazine whose centrefold is constantly changing. -
PeterSilly, Jan 03 2003

       did I dream it or is there not a magazine called Readers Wives?
po, Jan 03 2003

       Readers Wives? Presumably, before the first issue there were no readers, so how did they ever get started??
BozoNothing, Jan 03 2003

       [Rods] might have the patience to explain sometime.
po, Jan 03 2003

       Reading Gents, I gasped to behold
Its random woman centerfold.
There sprawled Mrs. Stubbs,
Like a nude queen of clubs,
'Cept for a nightie to keep out the cold.
FarmerJohn, Jan 03 2003

       I'm thinking that link is maybe a bad idea. (hint)
bristolz, Jan 03 2003

       <wondering if Mrs. Stubbs might be good UN inspector material>
X2Entendre, Jan 03 2003

       Link removed - I didn't look at it that carefully, so didn't know whether it had an email addy or not - in fact I still don't. I'm disappointed you would think I would like stalking or sexually harrassing anybody.   

       However, my primary point was that choosing people at random is a bad idea - I think the discussion and subsequent actions prove that. I see no need to remove my fishbone.
PeterSilly, Jan 03 2003

       Yeah - lesson number 8, look at the site you link too verrry carefully.
PeterSilly, Jan 04 2003

       I'm neutral on this idea; if someone can convince investors to back this idea, it might provide employment for a handful of people for at least the first issue.   

       But really, there are hundreds of fetish publications already available, featuring skinny women, fat women, pregnant women, women wearing nothing but shoes or whatever, very elderly women, etc, etc, etc...   

       And yes, it's sexist to only mention only publications featuring women- so what, it's a sexist industry. I doubt there is much demand for magazines featuring overweight, middle-aged men (but wouldn't be surprised to learn such things existed...)
whlanteigne, Jan 05 2003


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