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Quantum Shorts - Short Story Contest

Short story contest about quantum physics
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This is a heads-up for a contest by something called the Centre for Quantum Technologies based out of Singapore.

It is a short story writing contest with prizes up to $2000 Singapore Dollars (currently about 80% the value of USD). They are looking for stories up to 1000 words. There are already lots of stories on the website and most are fun and lighthearted.

I am currently doing casual research before submitting an entry, and am posting this here to encourage other users to aswell!

rcarty, Aug 02 2013

Short Story Contest http://shorts.quantumlah.org/
[rcarty, Aug 02 2013]


       If they would only take poetry, that $2K would certainly be in my pocket. As it stands, I'll have to dust off that Double Slit Experiment screenplay and see if I can convert it into a short story.
theircompetitor, Aug 02 2013

       I have already not entered.
tatterdemalion, Aug 02 2013

not_morrison_rm, Aug 03 2013

       Hey thanks [rcarty]!
I've been mulling over a new idea that would fit the bill nicely. Getting a thousand words out of the premise might pose a problem though...

       You don't suppose they would take a picture _worth_ a thousand words do you?   

       Thanks for the encouragement, rcarty. I am already halfway aswell! Though that will not make it easier to fit into my quantum shorts.
bungston, Aug 03 2013

Alterother, Aug 04 2013

       A subatomic particle is confronted by its own image. Bosons and fermions have I none, but that particle's baryon is my baryon's saxion. What particle am I?
xenzag, Aug 04 2013

       //ultimately, there is no casuality.   

       Well, they just changed the name to A&E.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 04 2013

       All this talk of bosons is giving me a fermion!   

       Maybe there is a category for painful puns and wordplay.
bungston, Aug 04 2013

       (Borrowed from online somewhere) A scientist comes home from work after conducting his quantum experiments. It's bedtime, and so as normal, he goes up to his children's room.
He's tucking in his son, who says "Did you check for monsters under my bed?" The scientist gets down and looks under the bed, and finds his son, the same one, quaking and quivering with fear, who whispers,
"Dad, there's somebody in my bed!".
Zeuxis, Aug 06 2013

       "There's someone in my bed and he's scaring me".
rcarty, Aug 06 2013


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