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A profound, deeply lizard-like promotion of science.
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Because I am an idiot, I recently watched a 2-hour odds movie of Bill Nye (The Science Guy) being shown round the (stop that tittering at the back, there! This is serious stuff! God may test ye on this later!) "Ark Encounter" in Kentucky, an experience set up by the Ark's "maker", Ken Ham. This news I largely missed at the time this side of the pond, so <link>.

Then I thought of this {Rantosaur}.

It looks like a carnivore (not allowed on the Ark for obvious reasons - their thing ate shoots and leaves) dinosaur, basically like a T. Rex and Velociraptor straight from Jurrasic Park combined, complete with malevolent, shifty eyes watching your every move, sharp teeth & even sharper stench...

It is made from whatever - wood, carbon fibre, plastic (no - watch the environment), but is a huge, imposing, realitiscally ( imaginatively?) painted and cunning coin operated electric statue signifying very old... and dangerous... Just like the animatronics of Noah on the Ark Encounter.

Then, on slotting in a coin or 2 of your own currency, the Rantosaurus takes out a book from its slobbering chops and begins to recite Holy Scripture ( whose Holy Scripture is up to you, as shown on the coin display, similar to putting a track on a jukebox...) and you can bask in the certainty of Rantosaur induced salvation.

Of course, the Rantosaur can be programmed to rant in all tongues, even those who quibble in tongues, and can be lucratively placed at the forefront of such places of discord as Kentucky's Ark and Creation museum, albeit just for a bit of fun.

I know that this is a WIBNI, [mfd], etc., but I just want to see Ken Ham's face when confronted by an Allosaurus reading Genesis to him...

saker, Feb 13 2019

The Ark Encounter https://www.youtube...watch?v=uXlsOS23_II
I have created a Monster of Antidote. [saker, Feb 13 2019]


       Everyone knows the best rants are in King James Klingon.
RayfordSteele, Feb 17 2019


saker, Feb 18 2019


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