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Quarter-Based Calendar

The 3rd month of any quarter always has the same number of days
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When creating corporate reports, you often have to update last quarter's dates from, say, 7/31/2006, 8/31/2006, and 9/30/2006 to this quarter's, and it's error-prone because the number of days in each month must change as you do so. (e.g. 8/31 must change not to 11/31 but to 11/30.)

Instead, I suggest:

Jan = 30 days
Feb = 28 days
Mar = 31 days

Apr = 30 days
May = 31 days
Jun = 31 days

Jul = 30 days
Aug = 31 days
Sep = 31 days

Oct = 30 days
Nov = 31 days
Dec = 31 days

Now when you have a report with dates labeled 7/30/2006, 8/31/2006, and 9/31/2006 and you need to increment the months, you don't have to change the days because the days are periodic.

(Except for February which continues to operate as before.)

phundug, Jan 14 2007




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