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Sidereal Trinary Calendar

For every 2 revolutions of the earth around the sun there are 3x3x3x3x3x3 sidereal days and 3x3x3 sidereal moonths
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The sidereal period of the moon is about 27 days. There are 27x27 or 729 sidereal days every 2 years. With some adjustment we could have a trinary sidereal calendar.

For every 2 revolutions of the earth around the sun there would be 3 "years" (243 days each) of 3 "seasons" (81 days each) of 3 "months" (27 days each) of 3 "weeks" (9 days each) of 3 "clusters" (3 days each) of "days" (1 day each). A sidereal day is about .997 regular days so a drawback would be that the dawn and dusk of the day would drift as the revolutions went by.

JesusHChrist, Jan 10 2005


       This has the advantage that it would be easy to keep track of the Moon's phases. I never know when the full moon is coming, and sometimes howl at the moon on the wrong night.   

       However, I don't fancy paying taxes every 243 days, or paying bills every 27.   

       The number three is an important symbol in some religions, so your invention could be popular with them. But for people who are struggling just to "Go metric," "Going Sidereal" is too much.   

       To make the shorter day, would you have an occaisional leap-hour with 59 minutes?   

       (The lunar calendar aspect of this was baked by the Hebrews 5000 years ago)
robinism, Jan 10 2005

       But you wouldn't have to pay taxes on the 243rd day, you would think of it as the first day of the second season.
JesusHChrist, Jan 10 2005

       At last, my Antikythera is back in fashion!
reensure, Jan 10 2005


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