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Recreation Wills

Wills in case they die doing a recreational event/park/adventure
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The idea is that if you die like say at Disney World, the person you appoint should be able to finish out the rest of the day at disney World at some point in the future.

My reasoning being, you still paid a 65 dollar ticket, if you have a heat attack at 10 o'clock in the morning the ticket should still be good and passed on to you next of kin, best friend etc.

Recreation parks and adventures probably rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year due to unforunate deaths while someone is using thier service.

sin, Jul 27 2001


       Oh, I bet you could get a lot more than a ticket extension from the theme park. Just ask the lawyers who show up at the home of the surviving family members the next day.
beauxeault, Jul 27 2001

       Interesting thought. Could this concept also be applied to Bordellos?   

       "Pore Unca John had his heart attack when he was with Candy after 10 minutes, miss, and he'd paid for an hour. Me, Ah'm prepared to risk it for the other 50 minutes!"
Elvisatehere, Sep 02 2003


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