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REGs (Remotly Exploding Guns)

Guns that explode Remotly to stop you stealing them
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This idea is to address the problems of gun shop robbery and armed terrorists My Idea is to build a c4 charge into all modern guns and military equipment so if a gun shop gets robbed or terrorists steal military arms or equipment then the military get a call, push a button and boom a minicture explosive goes off frackuring the mechanisms in the gun leaving the rest of the gun (and the person) unscaved. No more working gun for the terrorist.
Flying Doom Squid, Aug 22 2007

(??) ahem, saying nothing. Pedantry_20Guidelines
[po, Aug 22 2007]


       Well, how about dropping tons of GPS-trackable ammunitions around Iraq? We drop them everywhere and wait until they gather in locations where people would need them, ie the terrorists location. We could then send out airstrikes on those locations, or you could be politically correct and send ground troops in and wait until they start shooting at us.   

       Of course, the ammunitions would be duds, maybe even gum up the weapons used to fire them.
Holeinmysock, Aug 23 2007

       Just clarifying 1: The explosives are only strong enough to destroy the mechanism and would not kill the user 2: The Detonate code would be encrypted 3: the bomb is in mechanism and the weapon wouldn't function if removed (the mechanism's firing pin wouldn’t stay in alignment without the device holding it they’re rendering the weapon useless) 4: Guns in active service would be even more encrypted than normal weapons 5: Yes you could put it in other stuff too
Flying Doom Squid, Aug 29 2007

       Idea: SP: Miniature SP: Fracturing SP: unscathed   

       Anno: Grammar: There
ye_river_xiv, Jul 18 2009

       Guns are for the "long distance feeling": anything that may add to the time necessary to shoot means that it can become a short-distance situation [-]   

       Anyways [marked-for-deletion] baked: Christopher Anvil: "The Nitrocellulose Doormat".
FlyingToaster, Jul 19 2009

       I love this idea! If I was out of bullets I could throw my gun at the cashier of the gas station, and set it off like a gurnade!!!   

       just kidding. [-]
DIYMatt, Jul 19 2009


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