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long-range ammunition eliminator

a device to turn enemy combatant ordinance against them
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I was just reading another half bake about self-destructive ammo and started thinking.

What about a directional microwave emitter that would heat any trace moisture in enemy weponry causing it to explode before it's fired or armed?

Of course the amount of radiation you'd have to throw out would be pretty dangerous, but hey if the grenade you're carrying on your hip just exploded the fact that you have cancer too isn't particularly relevant.

illustratedgeek, Mar 18 2006

Microwaves for Crowd Control http://en.wikipedia...ctive_Denial_System
Heating people [MechE, Dec 22 2008]


       what's "'weponry" ? when it's at home or when it's anywhere for that matter. I think I've been asleep for too long and woke up on a different site.   

       //and started thinking// - here's a little fish to help you
xenzag, Mar 18 2006

       If you were standing in the path of microwaves strong enough to heat your grenade until it exploded, you would long since passed beyond the point of caring about it. Just about everything else in the world has more water in it than a grenade.   

       Bone here too. Death rays have been around for a long time.
bungston, Mar 18 2006

       seems like a good idea until you know the science behind it. For ammunition alone to explode by heat it takes about 500 degrees. I cannot imagine for a grenade. Also when a gun is heated to that point the bullet leaves the chamber like it would as if it were fired. It wont make the gun explode and kill the person. Better off getting one of those new rifles that shoot heat waves to burn people and aim at their eyes.
OriDea, Oct 08 2007

       won't the metal in some of the weapons cause... all that fancy microwave stuff you aren't supposed to see in your oven?
ye_river_xiv, Dec 22 2008


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