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Gun that takes photograph of shooter and registers exact moment of every shot on microchip
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that's pretty much it
jgreenman, Mar 04 2000

Mitsubishi's GunCam http://www.upside.c.../story?id=38b6dea80
Story from Salon on how Mitsubishi has invented a device like this (CCD camera + logic + nonvolatile memory) meant to record significant events (car crashes, gun shots, etc). They're having a hard time getting the policeman unions to buy into the GunCam version. [koz, Mar 04 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       What's to prevent anyone covering the lens aperture so the picture shows up a simple black frame? Or donning a mask or disguise before picking up the gun?   

       You could say, "well, make it so the camera has to see a valid image (of some kind) before the trigger interlock is released," but that'd only work for recreational guns. Serious shooters wouldn't have dumbo circuitry between them and the trigger - too dangerous in a real-life situation. (I.e., if you need to kill someone quickly and reliably.)
anachron, Mar 07 2000

       I'm just curious why jgreenman decided to call it "Josh".
dnm, Mar 07 2000

       A '911 chip', if you start shooting, you're obviously either in trouble or causing trouble, so it calls the cops...
StarChaser, Apr 28 2000

       Reminds me of the SNL "Weekend Update" report about how someone is the victim of a serious crime every 10 seconds. Then they located and interviewd that person...
mab, May 13 2000

       StarChaser,some people use guns to hunt so that wouldn't work because if you go out hunting and then the cops show up.That would suck.
alien_monkey_1, Jul 04 2000

       People who hunt should be classed as criminals any way....but let's not go there...
Haemavore, Sep 20 2000

       I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume jgreenman's first name is, indeed, Josh.
AfroAssault, Nov 01 2000

       [Tugun]: I have a feeling that the Josh will take a photo of the person who is shooting the Josh, not the person who is shooting *at* the person with the Josh.   

       Seems a little pointless to me. If the cops come round wanting the film from your Josh to see if you shot Mr X, couldn't you just tell them you sent it off to be devloped and they came back all fuzzy while showing them some badly developed other photos?   

       And as for "Josh". Well, I don't think Samuel L. Jackson would have quite the same impact saying "The Josh. When you absolutely, positively gotta kill every mother-****** in the room... accept no substitute"
CoolerKing, Jun 02 2001

       I agree with Haemavore
monk, Jul 29 2003

       //People who hunt should be classed as criminals any way....but let's not go there//   

       HA! Now there's a cheap shot. That's weaselism at it's best - make a pseudo-moralistic jibe and then say "but that's not for discussion here". If it's best we don't go there, then why bring it up?   

       Many people hunt, for a variety of reasons, some of which are, perhaps, less socially acceptible than others, some of which I disagree with myself. My opinion is there are only two reasons to hunt - one is the eradication of feral (read: introduced, harmful animals), the second is controlled meat gathering.   

       I'm pretty sure that there are things that you do that cause pain and suffering, either directly or indirectly, that make the inherent cruelty of hunting pale into insignificance.   

       If you eat meat or use animal products, for instance, but have never hunted or at least butchered your own game, and call hunters criminal, well then you're the worst kind of hypocrite. Secondly I make no differentiation whatsoever between fishing and hunting.   

       But I digress. As to the idea, I think the guncam version is more useful, ie takes a picture of where the gun is pointing. Coupled with some kind of user ID type system (fingerprint activation, etc) that's where you could really track down the usage of the firearm. Good luck getting anyone to voluntarily buy this system, however.
Custardguts, Dec 22 2008

       Available only in Super-8, initially, then also in pinhole and 2 1/4 versions. For range work, view camera model of the Ansel Adams variety.
normzone, Dec 22 2008


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