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Idiot-proof holster

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A holster with a speaker on it that shouts "GUN: LETHAL" when a policeman's service weapon is drawn. A similar holster that shouts "TASER: LESS LETHAL" would be used for the officer's Taser, to avoid "accidentally" firing the wrong one at a suspect.
21 Quest, Jan 15 2022

Here's a holster that activates a camera... https://www.dailyma...-drawn-holster.html
but with a quick Google search not seeing one that sounds an alarm or announces it's the deadly weapon not the taser. [doctorremulac3, Jan 15 2022]

So you're OK with imbeciles with guns? https://en.wikipedi...f%2051%E2%80%9370).
[Skewed, Jan 17 2022]


       What? no there was a lot of shouting, I don't remember the exact words the machine said. Pure chance that I unfortunately and totally accidentally shot the suspect with the gun instead of the water pistol.
pocmloc, Jan 15 2022

       Cameras are good at making sure that excessive force was not used in any given situation.   

       Public pay...   

       Public scrutiny.   

       It's the only fix I can think of until they start taxing billionaires.
Paid by the public?
Okay then...
Watched by the public.

       or no tax paid   

       can't put all of your citizens in jail if they all decide to stop paying taxes at the same time now can you?   

       who works for whom?   

       Poc, have Gilbert Gottfried do the voice recording. Nobody will believe you didn't hear that.
21 Quest, Jan 15 2022

       Randy, as one of my favorite TV characters often says, if I paid taxes I would be really upset about that.
21 Quest, Jan 15 2022

       Meanwhile, in Britain, the new truncheon clears its throat and murmurs "Now, steady on ..."
pertinax, Jan 15 2022

       This is brilliant, where are the buns for this? [+]   

       I'd keep in simpler and just have an alarm for the deadly weapon only. Have it be a frequency that doesn't interfere the officer yelling at the suspect though.
doctorremulac3, Jan 15 2022

       In a deadly situation where several different people are quite possibly yelling arbitrary threats and other things the first thing we need is another voice to add to the confusion!
Voice, Jan 15 2022

       I’m with [Voice] on this one. Adding noise to a stress-filled situation won’t help.
a1, Jan 15 2022

       See my comment about Gilbert Gottfried. There are voices, and there are voices.
21 Quest, Jan 15 2022

       Use Mae West's voice, or Marilyn Monroe, breathy and sensual, but at a loud enough volume to be heard amid the fracas. The resulting biological confusion leaves a window of a few precious seconds where everyone can be successfully subdued.   

       "Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"
Sgt Teacup, Jan 15 2022

       And like I was suggesting with your other good idea, only have one make the announcement, probably the lethal one.   

       These ideas are really good, seriously, I'd do a patent search.   

       Search Google patents, don't bother with the patent office site.
doctorremulac3, Jan 15 2022

       Spoke with my son the police officer about this and he says that in a volatile situation audio awareness is very important and the officer is zeroed in on listening to the suspect so while an alarm might have some advantage it might have the drawback of blocking communication between the officer and the suspect. Speaking and communication is the number one tool the officer has to diffuse a situation.   

       I suggested getting rid of pistol grips so all tasers are baton shaped and he thought that was a better idea.   

       Currently you have your taser on one side and the pistol on the other. He also said there's no substitute for training and situational awareness.
doctorremulac3, Jan 16 2022

       Isn't he required to announce when he draws his gun anyway though?
21 Quest, Jan 16 2022

       I'll ask but pretty sure you're supposed to give adequate and clear warning before you shoot unless they're actually shooting at you. Even if they have a weapon I think you're supposed to tell them to drop it. I'll ask him about specifics next time we talk.   

       He also tells me that departments are as varied in the quality of their training as any other business. When we hear about these deaths in custody (as they call them, there's a whole body of law devoted to this) he talks about these officers in the news for killing a detainee and lists the things they did wrong. There's a very complete and thorough process you go through during an arrest. His academy training made it very clear that once you arrest somebody their life is in your hands and you have to treat the situation incredibly seriously and follow specific and clear safety protocols for their protection.   

       I've done ride alongs with him and was struck by how many of the people he dealt with were homeless, on drugs or both, and saw that he was very kind to them, asking if they needed help, medical attention etc. Remember, police are effectively the only people in charge of caring for the people in these homeless camps, but they're still citizens in need of protection, and they have very little support for their day to day wellbeing outside of law enforcement. I felt like we were their only guardians, the only people who cared about them. We'd walk in, talk to the people just asking if they were okay or if they needed anything and as grim as it sounds, be on the lookout for dead bodies. This doesn't get a lot of press because it's not interesting so I'll put it out there. Not a glamorous job but somebody has to do it.   

       I'm very proud of him.
doctorremulac3, Jan 16 2022

       [doctorremulac3]; as with politicians & teachers (& other professions too), there are 2 types of police officers: those who want the power, & those who want to help. The ones we see in the news are generally the 1st type. Your son is the 2nd type. We need more like him.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 16 2022

       Thank you for saying that NS.
doctorremulac3, Jan 17 2022

       Yeah there's good cops and bad cops. I honestly believe that any kid dreaming of being a cop when they grow up has absolutely no intention of being a bad cop.
They want to help people and catch bad guys.

       Try asking a cop why he's giving you a ticket instead of catching bad-guys like you pay them to do...   

       ...oh the rest of your day will be just ever so much fun after that.   

       I find it interesting that the police unions here are the only unions so far to stand up and refuse to fire non vaccinated members. They can see what's coming. Just look to Australia as an example and you can almost hear the StarWars theme in the background.   

       Maybe the nursing shortage can be blamed on lack of union support for non conforming nurses, (who were so totally our heroes just a very short time ago).
Maybe the truckers union could swing enough weight that goods could still be transported by unvaccinated members.

       Maybe it's still possible to stand up for ourselves and tell our governments that until these so called vaccines "stop" transmission of these viruses and render actual 'immunity', as all past mandates based on the previous definition of the word 'vaccine' hinged upon, then 'everyone' is a carrier regardless of vaccination status so segregation based on compliance is unacceptable and to shove their draconian Stockholm syndrome techniques up their asses.   

       Maybe our unions could avert this bullshit.   


       chances are getting slimmer by the day.   

       //Try asking a cop why he's giving you a ticket instead of catching bad-guys//   

       ...pauses ... looks up slightly wide-eyed ... "am I one of the bad guys?"
pocmloc, Jan 17 2022

       Here's the deal, obviously I'm proud of my son, (I put a long story of other adventures we've had but took them down because it gets kind of boring having people brag about their kids) but I've dealt with bad cops in my youth. I woke up with a gun in my face once.   

       I owned a series of recording studios in my youth and at one we had sleeping quarters for those late night sessions. A neighboring business owner and I got into a spat about parking so he called the cops and pointed out these facts to them:   

       1- There's a bunch of long haired kids in this building the same size of his. Where did they get the money to rent this place?   

       2- Their leader is a long hair young guy who for some reason has enough money to drive a Porche with a car phone. (this was the early 90s)   

       3- There are long haired kids going in and out all hours of the day and night and many of them are BLACK! (we recorded a lot of rap bands)   

       So obviously we were drug dealers right? Cops busted into my studio and searched the place. I remember them looking through the ashtrays for joints but we didn't do drugs and it didn't allow drugs in the studio thankfully.   

       There were other harassment stories but it all ended when our very rich and powerful manager (he build concert venues that carry his name, one he build in partnership with Steve Wozniak) had the company lawyer call the police and tell them to knock it off. After the threat of a lawsuit from the company that built the cities biggest concert venue, they left us alone, no doubt under order from the city attorney.   

       I think these storied motivated my son to be one of the good guys.   

       But it's like any company isn't it? You can have companies like big pharma that purposefully get people addicted to Oxycontin and destroy lives for money or have companies that develop drugs that save lives and cure cancer. Can't use that broad brush, there are good and bad everything.   

       [end of rant]
doctorremulac3, Jan 17 2022

       I was quite enjoying that rant. Can we not have some more? (spoken with Oliver Twist type voice and expression)
xenzag, Jan 17 2022

doctorremulac3, Jan 17 2022

       Yes Mr Bumble - more - with an 'e' at the end of it.
xenzag, Jan 17 2022

       I know how to spell the word, I wanted it to be more of a sound than a word.   

       But thank you for the spell check slap. Thank you sir, can I have another?   

       16 years on this site, not one MFD, not one spelling correction. Pretty proud of that.
doctorremulac3, Jan 17 2022

       So doc, if we had more of a working social safety net, perhaps the number of indigent people cared for by the cops would drop. Where are you on that?
RayfordSteele, Jan 17 2022

       Well that's the biggest problem we face isn't it? I'd love to say I have the answer, or even some good ideas on the subject but I really am at a loss. I can lay out some thoughts I've had on the subject but they're hardly solutions. Drug addiction is the horror or our age. 100,000 overdose deaths from Fontanel a year I've heard. I defer to the experts on such issues, Dr Drew is an addiction medicine specialist who does this for a living and when asked how to get somebody, a loved one or friend off drugs, his answer is "You can't. Until they're made the decision to embark on this horrendous challenge you can't control them and keep in mind, they're having a very hard time controlling themselves. You can bolster your position through various avenues, support groups etc, but you can't control an addict, you can only be there for them to help when they're ready to get help.   

       So what are the options I see? I'd start with just saying we need to do whatever is possible to cure this problem. Sometimes it's okay to embark on a challenge without knowing the solution. So in no particular order, here's the options I see:   

       1- Like you say, increase funding for counseling, care, housing etc. But then we have to ask for a model of where this has worked. If we house these people, (which I think we should) it's probably not realistic to tell them they can't do whatever drugs they're addicted to, they'll simply leave. Which leads to the very controversial:   

       2- Incarceration. Bringing back the old concept of the asylum, maybe call them psychiatric hospitals. I'm very wary of giving the state power to lock people up who haven't committed a crime against anybody, but here are the pro and cons of this as I see them.   

       Pro: If I personally were out of control and addicted to drugs, I'd rather live in a warm room with food while I detoxed. If I was never able to stay off drugs, I'd rather have an existence with clean bedding, food and water maybe with a TV and internet to keep my mind relatively busy.   

       Con: The state is locking up people against their will. Yes, it's for their own good, but weren't the gulags and internment camps for the good of the people? I don't trust the government to start locking people up for drug addiction then to start locking up people for incorrect political thoughts, something that I'm afraid has a lot of support in my country right now. Paranoid? Yea, probably, but still. Locking up millions of people and effectively throwing away the key isn't something to be done without a lot of rules based on humanity towards our fellow man.   

       3- Housing that supplies them with the drugs they're addicted to. Like the other two, hardly a panacea, but like I said at first, I really don't have the solution.   

       Love to hear other options, I simply don't know.
doctorremulac3, Jan 17 2022

       Legalize. The trade in illegal drugs does way more harm to addicts and to society than just letting them buy and sell their drugs legally would. Keeping the street price of drugs high is what causes most of the crime and misery. And a lot of the health problems.
Voice, Jan 17 2022

       Having libertarian leanings I've always supported the de-criminalization of drugs, but I'd add responsibility for the safety of the product being put on the dealer. You sell a product killing thousands of people you're going to prison and every penny you made goes to the family of the person who died from your product, be it drugs, a soft drink or toothpaste.   

       So weed that I've always supported the legalization of has proven to be the right move. Nobody's dying from it. But what about drugs that are killing people? Yes, you could say alcohol and cigarettes kill people but not a lot of people have died thinking they were smoking a Marlboro that turned out to be made of Fontanel.   

       The main impediment to solving the many problems society faces is this false choice binary group vs group thing that's supposed to be the arena where we solve all our issues. What do the Republicans say? What do the Democrats say? I belong to one group so I support whatever they say because I hate that other group. Okay, but what if these groups chose the issues we're going to fight over to suit their needs? To distract from the real issues? In my country the homeless problem has been solved. Reagan caused it so we can close the books and declare victory. I won't get into that cover story leaving out that Democrats have totally controlled California for a while now, Reagan's been dead for coming on several weeks now so to blame him is well... see where that goes? Now I'm not talking about solutions any more. But you try to breach the subject here in my home state, that's where it goes.   

       As a political non binary I've been hated by the right for wanting to legalize drugs, and demonized by the left for wanting to replace coal with nuclear power so I live without the comfort of the prescriptive method of viewing the world "My group, god, political party etc tells me this, so that's what I believe."   

       Yea, everybody on both sides hates you if the subject of politics comes up but at least I can live with myself.   

       But again, I don't have the solution to this problem but putting it ahead in importance before the debate on gender neutral bathrooms and appropriate pronouns or abortion abolition might be a good start.   

       Or we can just blame Reagan, hoist our virtue signal flag and start dealing with the real issues, like Trump having an orange face or woman having the right to chose if they're going to carry a baby to term or have to be locked up because they aren't ready to be a mother currently.   

       So I guess my rant wrap up would be "Can we agree that this problem needs to be solved and find some Venn diagram overlap where we can at least start working together to solve the problem?"   

       Unfortunately I already know the answer.
doctorremulac3, Jan 17 2022

       fontanel: membrane covering incompletely knit skull bones; the 'soft spot' on a baby's head   

       Fentanyl: a powerful anaesthetic opioid   

       //16 years on this site [...] not one spelling correction// Sorry about this [doc]. Side effects of Covid include amnesia and aphasia, so that may explain your new collection of spelling corrections.   

       Recent inappropriately applied MFDs have no excuse; please ignore them and carry on with your ideas and analyses.
Sgt Teacup, Jan 17 2022

       Thank you Sarge, don't get me wrong, I actually appreciate spelling corrections, and that's a pretty big difference in this case.   

       I actually appreciate appropriate WKTEs as well. I generally acknowledge the redundancy and leave them up for a day before taking them down.   

       As far as my horrible spelling, I'm just a horrible speller. I could proof read my posts but... naaa.
doctorremulac3, Jan 17 2022

       //Maybe our unions could avert this bullshit// re the layoff of unvaccinated?   

       Sad to say but our unions are largely backing this bullshit, the Labour party fully back it, best I can tell they think there should be more of it, & most of the unions still back the Labour party (despite the fact it actively hates the working class now) so I wouldn't hold out too much hope of them being our saviours to be honest, they'll shout against it if the Conservatives are doing it of course but then do a full 180 if labour get in & want to do it harder than the Conservatives did.
Skewed, Jan 17 2022

       //Idiot-proof holster//   

       There been a new police shooting in the media somewhere that I've missed then?   

       That aside, how about a holster that only unlocks after they pass a forty question IQ test with a score adequate to prove they're not an idiot? just for title accuracy.   

       You might want to aim a little higher than anything above a 25 IQ though [link], unless you're OK with imbeciles & morons with guns?
Skewed, Jan 17 2022

       I've been told that some police departments basically ask if they know which direction to point the gun and give you a badge.   

       The major Bay Area city PD my son works puts you through a grueling ordeal of testing, psychological and otherwise (which is good) and I think they actually did a background check on ME, the father of the applicant. I had to fill out a form anyway so I assume they looked me up to make sure I wasn't a terrorist or something.   

       The more testing the better I say.
doctorremulac3, Jan 17 2022

       // how about a holster that only unlocks after they pass a forty question IQ test with a score adequate to prove they're not an idiot? //   

       In real life, police handgun holsters are designed for quick draw, but the Taser holster has a snap that has to be released.
a1, Jan 17 2022


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