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RFID Proximity Kill Switch

If you get too far away the boat shuts off.
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PWC and Boats come equipped with "Dead Man" or "Kill" switches that use a physical connection between the operator and the craft to shut down the craft's engine if the operator falls out. The problem with a physical tether is that it doesn't allow one to move about the craft while in operation.

This is an RFID chip in a wristband or other piece of clothing that will allow the boat to run only if the tag is within range. If the tag goes out of range, the craft will shut down until it is manually reset with the tag in range.

It’s a tether switch without the tether.

ato_de, Aug 15 2006

Reminds me of one of my first ideas Optical_20And_20Wei...l_20Cutoff_20Switch
[theircompetitor, Aug 15 2006]


       Good idea! [splash!]
DrCurry, Aug 15 2006

       I think I saw this demonstrated on an Australian TV show, a few years ago.
pertinax, Aug 15 2006

       I've never had the problem, I'll assume I never will. Bun.
jellydoughnut, Aug 15 2006

       Passive RFID range is only about a meter. Beyond that you need a powered transponder.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 16 2006

       Batteries are small enough and waterproofing technology has advanced to the point where having a powered transponder wouldn't be difficult. Of course, your boat could have a physical tether as well just in case the electronic one failed.   

       I watched a boater fall out of his boat while trying to erect a sunscreen. His own oversight of setting the boat to slowly cruise while he was away from the throttle could have had dire consequence if there had been no other passengers on board.
ato_de, Aug 20 2006

       in sailing boats, would the system cut the wind?
bs0u0155, Nov 21 2012

       No, but it could drop the sails and heel the rudder over.   

       I worked with a guy who could have used something like this; he was bounced off of his dirtbike when he hit a washed-out culvert on a fire road, and somehow the bike landed on its wheels and went almost half a mile in third gear before it fell over.
Alterother, Nov 21 2012


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